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fredag 15 juni 2018


Artist: Blood Ceremony
Released: 2016-03-25
Style: Doom Metal | Progressive Metal
Runtime: 44:14

There was a time in life where I sorted large parts of the 60s-70's most popular psychedelic rock bands, and there were also some obscure discoveries in the genre of occult artists which I'm really grateful to have discovered. One of many favorites came to be Yardbirds, Salem Mass, The Coven, Black Widow, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep and you name it - the most popular artists can be counted on the hand's ten fingers. These are constant recurrences when seasons set their true mood.

The occult scene started in the late 1960s, in conjunction with Anton LaVeys satanic advancement and despite the fact that Black Sabbath had already started a year earlier, Black Widow became the main pioneer of the genre, with the slight difference that they drove on a more authentic occult theme.

To talk about Blood Ceremony now, I don't think they are broad enough to count as a popular or even a well-known band, but they are worth mentioning. They started in Toronto, Ontaria, Canada in 2006 and released their self-titled debut album 'Blood Ceremony' in 2008 followed by three other full-length albums and one single.

Blood Ceremony is a Occult Doom / Psychedelic Metal Band with Folk Rock Influences, which has collected their first inspirations from, among others, Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Pentagram and Electric Wizard etc. Their band name was taken from the 73's Spanish horror film 'Ceremonia Sangrienta' directed by the legendary Jorge Grau (Mostly known for 'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie' from 1974)

I might think that the new wave of stoner rock / doom metal bands that has exploded in recent years is really boring and I can't mention any significant favorites, but I have to say Blood Ceremony is still in a first place. It takes too much to crush their barrier and the jerks in the Swedish band Ghost can't be compared to these ones a single day.
The band has released two of my major favorite albums 'The Eldritch Dark' (2013) and the latest 'Lord Of Misrule' from 2016 that I will review now. Qualitatively, these two albums feel exclusively produced in a way that sets the sound in front of an authentic environment. It feels so organic and vibrant, and in some songs this goes extra clearly.

The music is about a fantasy world that surrounds forests, snows, glaciers and various environments together with witches, wizards, fauns and everything from black magic to fire art. Scottish and British folklore have taken shape in France, to name Finistère in the main town of Quimper.

I'm very weak for the singer Alia O'Brien's powerful song, the music is really written for her voice and I can't imagine a man's voice in their music (except Lucas Gadke's collaboration in the song 'Lord Summerisle' from 'The Eldritch Dark' but that does not count). She appears as a modern version of Jinx Dawson, not to mention her appearance in The Coven's coolest album 'Blood on the Snow' (1974).

Alia has three strong qualities in the band, apart from the song, she also plays flute, organ and some added instruments in the background such as mellotron and wurlitzer piano. Really progressive and dance-friendly. Long, enjoyable solos with an energy that makes it spit throughout the body. Together with guitarist Sean Kennedy, the interaction is invincible as long as the music sounds out of the speakers.

To be a little constructive about the drum-quality though, I liked Jeremy Finkelstein and Andrew Haust earlier drumming better than Michael Carrillo, their current drummer. They had tougher estimates, but Michael's more softer sound matches the current mood, so I suppose it's plus, minus zero after all.

Lord of Misrule was my favorite album throughout 2016, and it's still a recurring favorite together with 'The Eldritch Dark'. I find it hard to get in touch with similar artists, so I sincerely hope Blood Ceremony release something new this year. They stand out with their interpretation of old psychedelic rock music and give it a newer touch.


Alia O'Brien - Vocals, Flute, Mellotron, Organ, Wurlitzer
Sean Kennedy - Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
Lucas Gadke - Bass, Vocals
Michael Carrillo - Drums, Vocals

Label: Rise Above Records
Country: Canada



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