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lördag 16 juni 2018


Artist: Black Magick SS
Released: 2018-04-16
Style: Black Metal | Electro
Runtime: 29:32

Black Magick SS third full-length album 'Spectral Ecstasy' was released earlier this year on their official Bandcamp and will get a physical release through 'Infinite Wisdom' pretty soon. It has to be their best album so far, but does that mean it's good enough?

I had no clue, or I still have no idea what members are behind the project as they appear anonymous (no news in times like these, eh?). From the very beginning, I thought that these were Swedes because my first song I heard of Black Magick SS happened to be 'Tåget' from their second full-length 'Kaleidoscope Dreams' (2017) whose lyric goes like 'Tåget, tåget till de dödas hamn - vi lämner ingen här. Tåget, tåget till de dödas hamn - sex miljoner hand-i-hand'.

After a curiosity and investigation, it appeared that they originate from Australia and have been active since 2012. They have had different sets of band members, whose original drummer recently died. But otherwise they are very anonymous and seem to be discreet with what they are doing and they are still a relatively unknown band from deep down below.

Yes, Black Magick SS can be claimd to be a Nazi band (I can't really tell you so, because they have never mentioned anything about it), but It should be added that I'm not politically interested in this case and I do not support their ideology at all. I happened to be interested in their choice of genre that happens to be a mix of Psychedelic occult rock and Black Metal along with traditional heavy metal music, hard inspired by bands such as 'The Devil's Blood', 'Barathrum', 'Sabbath Assembly' and older bands from the 60's psychedelic occultish era. The only thing that makes them different and to stand out from other artists is that they deepen in the theories, speculation and research into the origins of Nazism and Schutzstaffels possible relation to various occult traditions.

Anyway, to speak about the album; Spectral Ecstasy offers six tracks with different qualities. It has an very old-school feeling to it and sounds a bit flat and compressed like you are listening to a old tape. They've manage to reach their very own sound compared to similar artists in these modern times and In addition to the classic setup, they added high pitched synths- and drum loops which give songs a twisted disco feel, but it doesn't seem artificial or forced.

I really find it hard to favor something like this, but they have done something unique of the entire genre and unlike their previous EPs and full-length albums, they have done a really good development. They are talented musicians, I can't say anything else about that, and I like the mixture between clean- and black metal vocals. The only negative part is that it's hard to find lyrics for the songs, so in many cases I don't even understand half of what they are singing.

I let the rest fall on your readers to decide what's good or not, I can't judge something that ideologically doesn't appeal to me at all, while the musical parties say the opposite. But I find it fun to discover bands that are not always like everyone else - In this case, they are not like 99% of the new wave of stoner / doom / occult rock bands.



Label: Infinite Wisdom
Country: Australia



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