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tisdag 26 juni 2018


Artist: Ataxia
Released: 2017-05-20
Style: Death Metal | Progressive Metal
Runtime: 31:43

Hailing from London, Ontario, Canada this technical brutal death metal unit delivers an undying onslaught of malicious yet beautifully intricate arrangements with this 6 song ep. accurate like a gleaming razor sharp scalpel it cuts through the many layers of crisp production, oozing technical brutality and thunderous guttural vocals. The only let down with this release is the fact these talented maniacs aren't signed yet and that my friends is a crime against such well thought, played and arranged death metal.

Around since 2008 and with another previous full length under their belts Awaken The Nebula is the perfect release to seduce your death metal palate into complete and utter submission. Awaken The Nebula is available on bandcamp for $8 and fans of Canadian brutal death need to purchase this release, fans of all technical brutal death need this to be honest. I love how the band mix everything up with some insane different drum patterns including a nice spin on the blast beat. The guitar work just completely shreds and is so well displayed on here with blistering fast precision. Lots of fast parts, mid paced bits and everything is mixed together well into one cohesive package.

I watched a couple live videos of these guys slaying it at The Las Vegas Death Fest and they are just as impressive live as they are on this release, they are the real deal and bow to none. The final track on this release titled City Within is a blazing 9 minute plus journey of technical death metal put together with many twists and turns, its a descent into a deeper spiraling hell with no escape, it mesmerizes so enjoy the downward journey through the flames.

Coming through with some impressive breakdowns, double kicks galore but being able to keep things fresh and interesting Ataxia are here to destroy and I hope they are going to stick around for awhile because Canada needs more great stuff like this. Contact the band, buy a CD, go on bandcamp, show them some love. You can get all three of their releases which includes a single, a full length and this ep for just over $12 so you can't lose.


Mark Chandler- Bass
Nigel Curley- Guitars
Derek Lee- Vocals
Nate Mitic- Drums

Label: Independent
Country: Canada



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