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lördag 30 juni 2018


Directed by: Brandon Cronenberg
Written by: Brandon Cronenberg
Stars:  Caleb Landry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Lisa Berry... read more

Country: Canada | France
Style: Sci-Fi | Thriller
Runtime: 1h 48min

A while ago, I published a review on a newer body horror that came in 2012, Thanatomorphose, and in roughly same way as Brandon Cronenberg's debut movie Antiviral appeared at film festivals around the world. In advance, it is quite easy to be critical and judge the son of David Cronenberg who made himself a name as the director who started the body horror genre, then the son comes with his debut movie that goes in the same line as his father and will fill his shoes. Clearly, you are quite prejudiced that it will not really work because the subgenre are dead, but apparently arose and gained new life. The son Brandon totally succeed in filling the gap in its genre, and maybe even creating a new, evil blood in the one with deaths and celebrity fixation?

Syd March is an employee of a clinic selling live virus injections harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans. Biological Community - at a price. Syd also supplies illegal samples of these viruses to private groups - he smuggles them from the clinic into their own body. When he gets infected with the disease that kills super sensation Hannah Geist, Syd becomes a goal for collectors and rabiate fans. He has to solve the mystery of her death before he begins to suffer from the same fate.

As I wrote, Antiviral circles celebrity fixation into something that would either be a dystopian vision of the people who have been completely excited about being as idiotic as their superiors, just because they have money and possess some power, and that the media drive only revolves around these people. At the same time, the film could play, like Another Earth in a parallel universe that is similar to Earth, and has people living there, only that this parallel version of the Earth is screwed to the max.

In the act that sounds, the main character, Syd March, is a salesman and office slave in a clinic selling reproductions of celebrity diseases. Initially, a customer arrives at the Lucas clinic and wants to be infected with the same herpes virus as the super celebrity Hannah Geist has. Supposedly, the virus is injected into the upper lip, while Syd begins to smuggle out viruses from the job and infect itself even though it is highly illegal and stupid. When you find Hannah Geist in a mysterious virus infection after being in China in adoptive plans, time begins to run southward before Geist's death infected itself with the same virus by injecting her diseased blood into his own bloodstream.

Brandon Cronenberg fills up the gaps with his own unique vision of body horror and today's appearance and celebrity fixation, even though the celebrity fixation aspect feels very overwhelming and superficial in its appearance, it works well despite the fact that one could have cut down on a few aspects of the fixation. It all hits its culmination in the film when one looks at one of the early stages of growing stem cells in the laboratory after Hannah Geist cells to eat them. Like cannibals and cannibalism among sentenced serial killers who have gone to history, it becomes quite unique in how far these characters and people are willing to go to become one with their idols and role models.

Speaking of laboratory environments, the entire film is very clinical and, in the absence of true colors, in addition to flowers that are about to whistle and die, the flowers are among the only color clicks in a palette consisting of black, white and gray. Just this with the clinical and sterile color choices contributes a lot to a feeling of illness, hospital and death. Whilst Syd is getting more and more sick in Hannah Geist's virus, I feel like a fuss, uncle and sick at the same time. In a few scenes, the protagonist is sweating with a thermometer in his mouth, the feeling of awake fever dreams really depends on the atmosphere of the film. I have never felt as sick of a movie like this, except Repulsion and Eraserhead, as I witnessed in a ongoing psychosis.

With hand in hand, Antiviral is a fresh fan in the body horror genre, though not as good as Thanatomorphos, which testified more about creativity and creativity in the horror elements and forrighting. Nevertheless, Brandon Cronenberg does something good and at the same time something his father has not done since Deadringers, an uncomfortable and partly a piece of disgusting film in a hospital environment where you really do not feel sympathetic to anyone. The movie is a manifesto and a kiss written in the youth as slavish twitter, Instagram follows celebrities and sitting in front of MTV and wanting to be like the brainwashed slaves of the Jersey Shore.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Fraser Ash, Niv Fichman, Kevin Krikst,... read more
Cinematography by: Karim Hussain
Editing by: Matthew Hannam
Special Effects by: Brock Jolliffe, Rudy Rivas
Music by: E.C Woodley
Language: English
Color: Color



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