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lördag 19 maj 2018


Directed by: Peter Kubelka
Written by: -
Stars: -

Country: Austria
Style: Documentary | Short
Runtime: 13min

Big game hunting is dumb. This was a twelve minute short documentary about hunting that was pretty straight forward, but it was edited in an extreme experimental way that sort of made it transcend from being a run of the mill documentary to something more like art.

For the most part the focus is on white dudes in Africa killing poor, innocent animals. There's a lot of clips of tribespeople going about their daily routines and other things that you might see if you were on a trip to Africa.

Aside from all of the animals suffering and being treated poorly, this was really cool. Unfortunately the whole thing was about the animal stuff.

The audio track is in Afrikaans(I think) and it's really muffled, so it's hard to really understand but it seems like the white people are laughing at the tribespeople for doing the things that they do. But then it cuts to clips of the white people bathing in a pond together. The whole thing felt like it was mocking the black people. There was a clip of a naked tribesman walking and the camera for whatever reason focused on his dick. It's really weird stuff.

Some of the clips are really pretty, but they always end up cutting to animals getting fucked up. I watched them shoot the same lion three times while it was on the ground and then a posse of them drag it up onto the roof of a van. There's also a lot of footage of a zebra getting field dressed and butchered. There's a baby giraffe that they mangled.

This shit really just wasn't for me. I can sit through anything and everything and appreciate it for what it is. But I really felt like this was just a weird film that wasn’t that great aside from it being edited the way it was. The editing and how poorly the animals were treated on film is all that set this apart from any other safari film.


Produced by: Peter Kubelka
Cinematography by: -
Editing by: Peter Kubelka
Special Effects by: -
Music by: -
Language: Germany
Color: Color

Distributor: -


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