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söndag 6 maj 2018


Directed by: Jochen Taubert, Christian Witte
Written by: Jochen Taubert, Christian Witte
Stars:  Christian Witte, Martin Hentschel, Thomas Kercmar... read more

Country: Germany
Style: Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi
Runtime: 1h 24min

Sometimes I'm in such occasions where I find it hard to formulate and produce an honest review. Turbo Zombi is German-speaking, and the copy I came across lacks English subtitles. That doesn't matter to me, usually, I've seen lots of movies where I lack linguistic skills, but as this happens to be a comedy I really want to understand its message and where, when and how to find the right time to laugh. It annoys me, so this review may be edited in the future when I've come across an English-friendly copy and given it a second chance.

It all begins with these two brothers Jockel (Christian Witte) and Honky (Martin Hentschel), they're witness when a meteor crashes from a short distance and decides to investigate the event and head out to look for the meteor. Meanwhile, some brave young friends discover it and starts to photograph it when a crab-like creature appears. One of the boys is a bit too curious and the creature jumps up onto his face. Then the two brothers appear and an alien swarm of crab-monsters crawls throughout the bushes. Honky picks up a bazooka and blast away both humans and aliens. An alien survive and get into the mouth of Honky which later turns into an Alien Zombie. Soon the dead walks the city and Jockel arm himself with a sawblade and a belt full of bloody tampons and sets off to save the world.

Zombie movies has been overexploited for the past few years. Personally, I think zombie movies is an overrated genre nowadays, and I do only relate to classics from the 60's to the 80's. But when it comes to movies that stand out with something extraordinary, it's at least worth a chance, and if we talk about tampons, it's something completely new to me.

Turbo Zombi - Tampons of the Dead is written and directed by Jochen Taubert and Christian Witte. And from here we're invited to various fun events, zombies and a variety of blood splattering and that was enough for me to go through the movie without any major problems. A lot of full frontal female nudity are shown on the screen as well, so it's definitely an adult comedy, so I will try to make an attempt to explain what I thought about it:

This is a really goofy movie, and I want to remember that much of its inspiration comes from Peter Jackson's debut movie 'Bad Taste' and that they wanted to achieve a movie of the same quality, I think it was called 'Bad Taste - Blood Tampon' during its post-production. They also try to make the film look like an old, dusty Grindhouse production, which unfortunately is less successful in common order. I do not think grindhouse delivers in these times, because its technology looks too modern and an added effect removes the true sort of feeling. If we talk about humor, I would like to think that the minority is at the forefront. They are also joking about wheelchair accessible and disabled people, as in Thomas L. Phillip's 'Special Dead' (2006). But much also reminds us of Shane Mather's 'Excreamer' (2002)

Although the film contains some stock footages, there are also a lot of practical special effects made by Marc Rohnstock, Mario Zimmerschitt and Stefan Svahn, as well as CGI. In addition to some splatter frequencies, we also see a vaginal injury, decapitated heads, rubber masks, lots of gunfires, explosions and zombies of course. If you happen to have a broad knowledge about the German splatter scene, you are going to see some familiar names such as Thomas Kercmar, Martin Hentschel, Stefan Svahn, Dirk Glücks and among the zombies we also see Marc Rohnstock, Martin Rüdel, Thomas Sender and Mario Zimmerschitt.

So what did I thought about Turbo Zombi in general then? The old expression '- If you've seen one, you've seen them all' is a precise reference. It's also true in this frame, with the short difference that tampons are at the center of the ultimate weapon without an underlying meaning. But something that tricked me about the title, you can hardly see the glimpse of tampons, ironically, but the case is that tampons have caused people to transform into zombies - And it's smart zombies who can run, think and use firearms.

And no, I was not a fan of it in general, but apart from being a bad low-budget movie, I believe it's a good decision to try to distribute this one outside of Germany, therefore I hope it will recieve english subtitles in the future. I'm sure it will be appreciated for some of us horror geeks who want to laugh a bit every now and then, because there was some segments that was fun to view.

There's also a 69-min cut version entitled "Turbo Zombies From Hell," which I hope people avoid as much as they can. We live in 2018, not in the 80s.

My rating: 2 out of 5


Produced by: Martin Hentschel, Lars Rohnstock, Jochen Taubert, Christian Witte
Cinematography by: Jochen Taubert, Christian Witte
Editing by: Christian Witte
Special Effects by: Marc Rohnstock, Stefan Svahn, Mario Zimmerschitt
Music by: Michael Donner, Dirk Glücks, Olaf Rabe, The Saefkows
Language: German
Color: Color

Distributor: Marketing-film


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