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onsdag 23 maj 2018


Artist: Trash Hunters From Outer Space
Released: 2016-08-14
Style: Crust Punk | Death Metal | Grindcore
Runtime: 14:32

Trash Hunters From Outer Space is a brand new well-organized, neglected and badly equipped duo with full expertise on its precipitation on the crust of earth. They may not have much knowledge about Tellus in its entirety, but this is just the beginning of their journey and the first lesson is about to suck for human knowledge.

Everything begins in the grass field of a pair of exploiting hillbillys with happy inclination to hunt and shoot down strange creatures from high above. What they don't know is that this Invasion of the Porn Aliens is ready to set up with Hillbilly Carnage with help of an Green Fluid Ejaculator and with that transplant its spinal fluid Space Semen into the cylindrical silo outside the ranch by sneak in to the villagers during night and copy human genes and transform themselves into Half Hillbilly, Half Alien.

In order to continue their mocking madness and stay fully shunned, they immediately opened the Vomit Drinkers Country Club, where they offered hyper mechanical music of the worst performing class. The goregrinding metal punk music sends out the green gooey fluid that ejaculates signals to the neighborhood, causing them to vomit on command and their hands begins to grow into VroVsaalVio-colored tentacles filled with GronZoiNoniodh spasmic fragments. This is an easy way to hypnotize each man and violently allow themselves to be assaulted with the duo's newly discovered Probe Planting.

With songs such as "You Scream You Die" and "Welcome To The Freakshow" the entire dance floor swings like yellow-lined baJcVarVar in the heavyloaded AlienSexTechnoCumMagic-season, where residents frenetically chews on Brultzicompins Tranksmortz to keep themselves energetic to an unprecedented disclosure which soon enough will bring a huge war between the Hillbillys Vs. Aliens...

In the very last battle they have to use Lazer Vibrators to destroy these bonnet once and for all. It will be a hell's slaughter waste even though I have no idea what I'm talking about. The only thing I know that this alienated duo has crazy descents, with songs that boast classic country tones from a grindcore perspective, with much inspiration that seems to come from similar bands such as Alien Fucker and Cheerleader Concubine to name a few. Melodic pling plunge with space tones and pornographic incomprehensible lyrics.

So if you like filthy, silly and speedy grindcore with Punk and Metal influences from outer space, then check out this album. It's a fun start for this project and it will be interesting to follow their development and what they have to offer in the future. It is  released as a 3 way split with Holy Cost and Bile Ganja Inhale, via Fuck The Ass Recordz.


T.N & T.N

Label: Fuck The Ass Recordz
Country: Sweden



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