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fredag 18 maj 2018


Directed by: Richard Kern
Written by: Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch
Stars: Lydia Lunch, Norman Westberg, Brian Moran... read more

Country: USA
Style: Short
Runtime: 23min

Set to a raspy, whispered monologue by Lydia Lunch, The Right Side Of My Brain, to me, is one of Kern’s most famous pieces of work and a great introduction to Lunch.

Almost dreamlike, The Right Side Of My Brain is a mundane, dreary twenty something minute short that focuses on Lunch’s sexual exploration. She gets a glimpse at the “darker” side of sex and only wants more. It devolves into an unimpressive Henry Rollins slapping her around while they make out. She wants worse and worse things sexually and begins to seek out tougher trade with dirtier men. Featuring an actual blowjob. She eventually ends up getting chased by Rollins through a canyon-like area and the woods, and then into a house where a child pulls a knife on Rollins an then gets beat up by him. Rollins beats up Lydia a little more after he takes care of the kid. After Rollins leaves the kid comes back and peaks up Lydia’s shirt. After this she ends up having an awkward encounter with an Asian girl. It really just keeps getting more and more tense and weird as it unfolds. She ties the girl up and beats her with a stick.

This one kind of wears out its welcome. It runs too long and feels like it’s never going to end after a while. It got painful.

I really hate Henry Rollins, what a dweeb. He definitely has an imposing air about him that makes him seem like a legitimate threat compared to a lot of the skinnier art dudes who are featured in Kern’s films. Like Nick Zedd.

This one is a slow roller and it's mostly a visual experience. It's well shot and Lydia Lunch is always great. Especially when she’s writhing around. She emanates sexual tension, man.

The strangest part to me is that anyone expected me to think that Henry Rollins would be the dominant one between him and Lydia Lunch. Sorry, Henry, but you make for an unbelievable dom.

Lydia Lunch mastered the art of ASMR thirty years before it became a thing.s


Produced by: Richard Kern
Cinematography by: Richard Kern
Editing by: Richard Kern
Special Effects by: Richard Kern
Music by: Lucy Hamilton, Lydia Lunch
Language: English
Color: Black and white

Distributor: Deathtrip Films


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