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fredag 4 maj 2018


Directed by: Doug Ulrich
Written by: Doug Ulrich
Stars: Brad Connell, Jenni Connell, Edward Dilley Jr... read more

Country: USA
Style: Fantasy | Short
Runtime: 22 min

Dude... What... How is this travesty so little known? This is WAVE level terrible. A religious take on the classic Wizard of Oz. Shot about 80% in front of a green screen and super poorly edited. Everything revolves around faith and right and wrong.

“Well, are you a good Christian, or a bad Christian.”

Once Glenda, who is a grown woman with braces and is referred to as an “Angel of God” belted that shit out, I knew this fucker was going to be a shit show. The bad witch aka The Devil, is a dude who looks like he would work at a carnie-level Harry Potter theme park. He offers Dorothy cigarettes and beer and then threatens Toto...I mean...Squeaky, the Guinea Pig. Dorothy tells the dude she’s not afraid of him and then Glenda hooks her up with some Payless ruby slippers, which Dorothy barely acknowledges and never get spoken of again.

It's like Glenda has the hook up on cheap flats and sent Dorothy off in a pair as a parting gift. Anyway. Dorothy embarks on her journey to meet the titular Prophet Of Oz who will supposedly be able to tell her if she’s born again. I don’t even understand how that makes sense or works. But whatever. Meeting “a faithless Scarecrow, a Tinman who doesn’t know how to pray and a compassionless lion” along the way. They get to “Silver City,” which is actually green and guarded by a dude with a Halloween store toy axe and a shaggy green sock for a hat, in no time. Dorothy explains to the guard that they’re there because an “angel of god” sent them and he lets them in, no questions asked.

The Prophet Of Oz is a floating green alien head who talks a bunch of shit and tells them that they’re wasting their time looking for the things that they’re looking for. This Prophet is obviously a sinner. They find a bible and start reading out of it and this makes the Prophet Of Oz reveal his true self. A short twerp who doesn’t know anything about the Bible. Dorothy convinces him to give it a chance. Which he does immediately. Leaving the group of sinners to figure out what to do next on their own. They leave Silver City and bump into the atheist wicked warlock. Dorothy makes quick work out of him this time though, by telling him that she has Jesus In her heart. Glenda comes back one last time to congratulate her on being born again. The end.

They took all of the good stuff out of the Wizard Of Oz and made this hasty, soulless propaganda film.

To be fair, looking past how terrible everything was, the makeup on these suckers was pretty on point. It was made by the dude who made Screen Kill and Scary Tales. The acting is spotty and the cast looks like a prison line up of drug dealers and prostitutes or a slew of shitty off duty porn stars or an NA meeting that decided to make a short film. The pacing is nonexistent. The editing is below amateur level. Everything is just wrong.

This is a big piece of shit.a


Produced by: Doug Ulrich, Jeff Witte
Cinematography by: Richard Davis
Editing by: Doug Ulrich
Special Effects by: -
Music by: William Johns
Language: English
Color: Black and white | Color

Distributor: Prodigal Films


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