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torsdag 17 maj 2018


Directed by: Stefan Svahn
Written by: Stefan Svahn
Stars:  Jan Heiner Küttner, Fedele Lorusso, Gordon Räcker... read more

Country: Germany
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 54min

Low budget German gore opus with Stefan Svahn at the helm. The guy literally does everything including the impressive practical effects work. 'Lost Way Of The Zombies' is part of the 'Dark Frame Collection' released by indie label 'Maximum Uncut Productions' who have a limited run of each film at 500 units. Some titles in the series such as 'A Cruel Fucking Nightmare' and the Dark Frame Collection version of 'The Knochenwald Trilogy' are out of print unless you can snag a copy on eBay or from a collector sometimes at a high price. A number of the Dark Frame Collection titles are of interest if you are a low budget German gore film fan.

Lost Way Of The Zombies quality looks like an early nineties VHS release and it's shot full frame so it's a box centered in the screen with a black border around it. The plot is minimal and for English speaking folks there are no English subtitles but this means nothing to the true gore film buff. There's however a tremendous amount of cool looking zombies (some wear noticeable face masks) and a heap of head exploding gore. Gore fans tend to take gore quantity over actual film quality and this one fits in nice with stuff like 'Untot', 'Zombie 90', 'Last Days Of Humanity' etc.

From what I can understand the plot has a couple guys on their way home when they decide to take a shortcut and run into a weirdo in a cloak who talks like an elf or troll. One of the two guys kills the weirdo in the cloak for some apparent reason and this offsets an undead plague. The rest of the film has one of the guys meeting up with another dude and running around killing zombies in various locations. The movie is basically a vehicle film for splatter which is cool with me and obviously many other gore fans as 'Lost Way Of The Zombies' seems to have a good reputation in the gore scene as does creator Stefan Svahn whose effects on his budget are highly impressive. We get gory bullets hits, heads smashed in every different fashion, flesh biting, evisceration and even a granny zombie who stomps on a babies head.

The disc also features some short films from director Svahn with very impressive make up work and better visuals/photography especially 'The Train Dead'. Svahn is a self proclaimed do it yourself Olaf Ittenbach or Andreas Schnaas and also made another Dark Frame Collection title called 'Voodoo Curse' which promises more impressive gore. There are a bunch of features on the disc too such as a behind the scenes segment but again all in German language.

The bonus disc is Svahn's ode to slashers like Violent Shit, Der Henker, Knochenwald Trilogy and The Butcher Trilogy. 'Blutrausch' features a hooded madman commanded by his mother to brutally kill anyone he comes in contact with in the forest. The two same characters from Lost Way Of The Zombies including film maker Stefan Svahn go on a fishing trip in that same forest with the killer and get abducted. There is some great gore once again in Blutrausch and its strictly another splatter film with chainsaw mutilations, heads getting lopped off and other nasty gore filled fun. Besides from the gore its business as usual as your waiting for the next gory kill. The effects like I keep mentioning are done very well for this type of no budget production and are the highlight of both Lost Way Of The Zombies and Blutrausch.

If you love low budget German gore scoop up some of these Dark Frame Collection titles directly from the source by messaging Maximum Uncut Productions on Facebook where you will find them for the best price as on eBay and collector sites you will pay a hefty sum, get them before they go out of print. Keep in mind if you do buy certain titles they are region 2 PAL DVD's so a lot of NTSC DVD players in North America are not compatible, I had to watch mine using the DVD drive on my laptop computer.

Special thanks to Maximum Uncut Productions for being gracious enough to send some of their Dark Frame Collection titles for me to review.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by: Stefan Svahn
Cinematography by: Stefan Svahn
Editing by: Stefan Svahn
Special Effects by: Stefan Svahn
Music by: -
Language: German
Color: Color

Distributor: Maximum Uncut Productions


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