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söndag 6 maj 2018


Directed by: Richard Kern
Written by: Richard Kern
Stars: Jap Anne, Ice Queen, Little Linda... read more

Country: USA
Style: Drama | Fantasy | Short
Runtime: 12 min

Silent short set to music by Foetus, starring Kern as the titular Evil Cameraman. A sadistic photographer who kidnaps models and tortures/humiliates them.

It starts with Kern stringing up a small Asian woman with barbed wire in a position that resembles something out of Abu Ghraib, he strips her naked and trims her pubic hair with a pair of big metal scissors. The kind that your teacher would’ve had in third grade. This is followed by a blond girl who first gets whipped while tied upside down and then strung up like a hammock. It’s a bizarre but interesting visual.

Fast forward two years.

I know this is a Kern film and he’s a genuinely sleazy filmmaker. But, man, I saw a girl doing cartwheels and handstands in a mini skirt and crop top, her breasts came out whenever she flipped upside down. It was the most innocent, beautiful thing I’ve seen in a Kern film. It was quirky, and cute and something about it was warm feeling, almost wholesome... until he ties her up and nails her to a wall... he sets her free and she does topless cartwheels with the crotch of her tights cut out, and it’s nice again. But he ruins that by whipping out his dick, which has a swastika painted above it, and jerking off in her face. Which she obviously hates. The other girls in the short looked terrified and disturbed. This one is all shy smiles. Until his dick comes out.

After this another girl who looks more like an exterminator or security guard than the handy(wo)man the hammer on her belt implies that she’s supposed to be ends up in his apartment/studio. He gives her a wad of cash and immediately proceeds to strip her down, cutting a series of holes in her underwear and attaching clips with wires to them. The wires are attached to a pulley system that Kern cranks until her underwear tears apart. He then tries to kiss her ass but she kicks him off of her and that’s how it ends.

There’s not really much of a story here, but for some reason Kern felt it necessary to divide the first two segments from the last with a screen that stated two years had gone by. Which I thought was interesting. Maybe it was to show that he had been doing it for years.

I sort of get the feeling that Kern May have started to get the “evil cameraman” reputation around when this was being made and that’s why it exists. Or maybe it was a jab at someone else. There’s definitely some kind of meaning behind it.

I genuinely liked this, even though it didn’t really have much substance.


Produced by: Richard Kern
Cinematography by: Richard Kern
Editing by: Richard Kern
Special Effects by: Richard Kern
Music by: Fötus
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorRaro Video


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