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torsdag 17 maj 2018


Directed by: Maik Ude
Written by: Maik Ude
Stars:  Maik Ude, Boris Klemkov, Arnold Duda, Knut Riechmann,
Marco Schröder, Tino Weege, Markus Wilde

Country: Germany
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 1h 25min

This is an early movie in the era of german DIY-splatter, and If you like the Violent Shit series by the legendary Andreas Schnaas (and if you're a fan of his movies in general) you'll definitely enjoy The Butcher trilogy as well. This is same shit but with a different director named Maik Ude - they have nothing in common in terms of story, but it have this particular charm that only Germans can create. This is German ultra low-budget indie splatter and is in all terms very unique in all aspects and worth checking out if you enjoy movies with micro-budget will say.

I want to say that Maik Ude somehow got his greatest inspiration from Andreas Schnaas, because you notice many similar characteristics. The first movie from 1991 begins with a few guys sitting on a bench in the park. They're taking a smoke and talking shit in german language (and there's no subtitles so I don't get a damn word). Anyway, a guy named Jack gets killed in a cellar and in the next scene we see how Jack 'The Butcher' rises up from his grave. Then he goes around killing every living being that's in sight. And yes, that's the whole plot. Doesn't it sounds great?

It's nice to see our murder using different tools for his macabre instinct to kill. He make use of a hedge clipper, driller machine and a machete and I really estimate this variation. One of the intended victims manages to kill The Butcher, but he comes alive once again a year later and continues his path of slaughter. Now in the second part of this frenzy killing, we see a poor guy bound to a wheelchair gets a piece of it pushed through his head.

Thumbs up for Ude who dared to challange his viewers with killing of a defenseless man in a wheelchair. A bit on the edge of what might have been ok back then, but we all know that Germans like to provoke and try to stretch a bit on the limits of what might be forbidden.

The actors are young so we understand that it's a very young Ude as well, who have created this first flick in the trilogy. It's a bunch of happy little guys who tries to make it like Schnaas once did. They do it well, but not quite the same potential as Schnaas but there is a good start to something for the future.

By judging its quality of image we understand that it's a transfer from VHS to DVD. All honour to Ude for releasing it on DVD so more fans have the oppornutiy to see this low-budget splatter. It has got a special limited uncut trilogy box-set release through Absurd Production. The worst thing is, however, that it lacks English subtitles, but the plot is very easy to understand.

There's truely a hand full of german trash gore movies and I'm a beginner in this scene, but I'll come back with a review of the rest of The Butcher trilogy, within a time. Bye for now!

My rating: 2 out of 5


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