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tisdag 29 maj 2018


Directed by: Brian Williams
Written by: Brian Williams
Stars: Ellie Church, Allison Maier, Alyss Winkler... read more

Country: USA
Style: Comedy | Sci-Fi
Runtime: 1h 21min

Bandit Motion Pictures continue to impress with their ability to create cutting edge genre films that actually break out of the mold and display their unique and original visions. Films like Headless which deliver the gore, Harvest Lake which delivers the eroticism and Plank Face which is this nutso stockholm syndrome themed movie in the wilderness. Their repertoire is creative and cutting edge and they get their films funded and keep getting a response from backers to make their wild and wacky ideas come to life.

This time Brian K. Williams sits in the directors chair and delivers his modern take on the raunchy laugh riot sexy sci-fi comedies of the 80's and 90's. The viewer gets a feast for the eyes with leather clad babes, tons of titties, unfortunately not enough pussies and disappointing that the drop dead gorgeous indie queen Ellie Church doesn't get naked, but her husband did direct it so it is what it is (I'll just watch Frankenstein Created Bikers, no worries!). Space Babes is one hell of a good time and really a breath of fresh air on the indie film scene, it really delivers great tongue in cheek humor with tons of great sexual innuendo gags, one liners and raunchy comedy.

Surprisingly Space Babes is not as graphic or tasteless as you might think, its definitely no family movie and the dialogue is probably one of the raciest elements of the film. The music just throbs with 80's passion, the three lead Space Babes are gorgeous especially Ellie Church who is sweet, naive and likable in her role. Its definitely an intentional cheese fest but it works and is highly entertaining and appealing even to die hard horror/gore fans, I can see all walks of life checking out Space babes and having a good time doing so.

Space babes tells the story of three babes named Carrieola (Ellie Church), Vanassa (Allison Maier) and Ragyna (Alyss Winkler) who are pursued one day by the evil scrotes (Shane Beasley and Arthur Cullipher who are known for their work on Headless) in space and the gals must make a desperate escape. They are forced to land on earth and get the energy to recharge their ship to get back to their home called Titty City. If this description doesn't wet your appetite then you need not bother checking out the movie because this is what unfolds.

The girls land in Charlie's (Brian Papandrea) family farm and immediately we find out the source of energy they require comes from the passion of sex. Charlie brings them to a strip club where lust and desire is rampant and Charlie also brings Carrieola to meet his beyond fucked up family. Of course those pesky scrotes follow the Space Babes to earth in hot sweaty scrotal fashion. Can the Space Babes get enough juice to power their ship and escape the scrotes?

The Space Babes themselves are hilarious especially with names like Carrieola an obvious nod to the circular pattern on a nipple, Vanassa and Ragyna are well........I'll let you take a guess at it! Some memorable scenes in this one including a mass titty bouncing scene which is awesome. Jason Crowe who has appeared in some previous Bandit Pictures films has a great little role as a strip club patron always managing to get himself coated in multiple body fluids throughout the movie.

Lots of great material and lines, this is a seriously funny movie not to be taken seriously but at the same time its very well made and done with a lot of love. All the hard work paid off with Space Babes and Bandit Pictures definitely have a cult hit homage on their hands. Brian K. Williams and team's attempt to make a racy comedy is a success and shows you don't have to play by the traditional horror rule book to make a noteworthy installment in the indie film genre.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Brian K. Williams, Scott Schrimer
Cinematography by: Scott Schrimer
Editing by: Brian K. Williams, Scott Schrimer
Special Effects by: David E.W. Pruett
Music by: Stackhouse, Glass Apple Bonzai, Brian K. Williams
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Bandit Motion Pictures


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