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tisdag 1 maj 2018


Directed by: Richard Holm
Written by: Johan Holm, Richard Holm
Stars:  Mike Beck, Johan Holm, Zara Zetterqvist... read more

Country: Sweden
Style: Action | Comedy
Runtime: 1h 08min

I'm not really familiar with movies from north, and at least from Sweden. But I became interested when a friend of mine told me that director behind one of the perhaps most famous Swedish horror films, Anders Jacobson (Evil ED, Insane), had been a film photographer for significantly more horror movies. One of the swedish most unknown titles, called 'Sex, Lögner & Videovåld' (Sex, Lies & Video Violence), has reached the English market and I came across a DVD with English subtitles from British distributors Dead Format. I've got a lot explained to me since much of the film is mostly featured on Swedish film culture, but I will try to express myself as well as I can about this.

Mike Beck (Mikael Beckman) is a total film nerd, who would be rather sitting home watching violent action films than to be outside drinking and hanging out with his friends. One night Mike has prepared to have an orgy of violent movies, but something rather strange interrupts his plans. While watching "Die Hard", one of the German terrorists from the film comes out of the television and starts shooting everything in his way. Mike Beck now lives in a visual world where popular movie characters launches a night of violence.

Sex, Lies & Video Violence is directed by Richard Holm and just as director Anders Jacobson's feature film 'Evil ED' (1995) (which recently got a really nice DVD/Bluray combo-release via Arrow Video) this movie's freaking out with the former central movie agency and the moralization of the 80's, mid 90's censorship. In appearance, it mimics the former 'Resurrection of Michael Myers' movies from the 80's, also directed by Richard Holm - these are parodies on various selected popular horror movies such as 'Halloween', 'Friday 13th', 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and 'Evil Dead'. Anyway, SL&VV was recorded in the early 90's but wasn't completed until 2000, due to a lost interest which thankfully was found again.

In the movie, we see an almost exclusive and parodic content from the most popular characters from movies such as 'Die Hard', 'Alien', 'Commando', 'A Clockwork Orange', 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', 'Robocop' and the swedish rape'n'revenge movie 'Thriller: A Cruel Picture'. The film gives us a visual boost together with the protagonist Mike Beck. In a wild sort of splatter party we watching him killing the most evil characters and body-parts are flying in all directions.

This is a very simple story which offers odd- and familiar characters and an entire orgie in blood and violence. The special effects are entertaining, semi-uncomfortable characteristic with the simplest material you can find, paired with a few classic ketchup bottles from the 70's Revenge-movies. No more need to attract their viewers to any good laugh. In the movie we see, among others, Christina Lindberg recall her role as Frigga from 'Thriller: A Cruel Picture'. We'll also see Brandon Lee just before his death in 'The Crow', there's also a cameo role by Mel Brooks. And for the Swedish viewer, there are characters that only swedes can recognize from the Swedish market I believe, including Camilla Henemark (Army of Lovers) as the delicious girlfriend to Mike.

There are a lot of fun special-effects in this one, and these costumes of Xenomorph and Robocop look almost like the original costumes. There are also nice naked girls showing their most intimate parts, and it should be added that actor Mikael Beckman is one of the biggest porn film directors in Sweden. He is also trained in karate, which he shows in his stunt performances in the film.

I have been told that this movie has never been officially released, but that there are some pirated vhs copies on loose somewhere in the world. The film lacks copyright from some authors, which can cause consequences if someone releases it and therefore it's very hard to get a copy of it. But if you would find it somehow, I recommend you to watch it at least once, because it's very funny and if you're born in the late 70's or 80's, you'll definitely recognize half of the movie's characters, which is very funny and that is one of many reasons why you should see it.

I'm going to watch some other movies directed by Richard Holm and publish my review of them later.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by: Mike Beck, Anders Ek, Johan Holm, Richard Holm, Henrik Wadling
Cinematography by: Richard Holm, Anders Jacobsson, Henrik Wadling
Editing by: Doc, Richard Holm
Special Effects by: Jan Larsson
Music by: Christer Plånborg
Language: Swedish
Color: Color

Distributor: Tech Noir Film


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