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torsdag 10 maj 2018


Directed by: Peter Kubelka
Written by: -
Stars: -

Country: Austria
Style: Arthouse | Short
Runtime: 1min

After watching 'Unsere Afrikareise', which I thought was pretty bad, I decided to dig a little more into Kubelka’s work to see if there was anything worth writing home about.

Schwechater is a minute and a half long. The first forty five seconds is all just dead space and film rolling. But once it gets rolling it’s the type of thing that would make all of the “glitch artists” of today get boners. The footage consists of extreme close ups of hands holding glasses, people drinking beer, glasses of beer, froth, and other things that I couldn’t really make out. It appears to be the same footage over and over, the clips are cut together so that they play rapidly enough for you to barely be able to keep up with them and it’s edited in extremely washed out blacks and whites and sometimes reds. The audio is nothing more than crackles and chatter with the occasional beep. For something only a minute and a half long, it’s pretty insane.

I guess the legend goes that this beer company, Schwechater got in touch with Kubelka and asked him to put together a commercial for their beer. Unbeknownst to them, Kubelka was an audio/visual masochist and had no intention to provide them with anything less than avant garde. The camera he shot it with was useless, it had no view finder and he probably wouldn’t have used it if it did. He spent nearly a year editing it and when he presented it to the marketing team at Schwechater they didn’t know what to say. But they definitely didn't use it.

A lot of people seem to have taken this as a “fuck you” from Kubelka to Schwechater and the commercial world of film, and it very well could’ve been that. But I feel like he probably spent their filming budget on bills or something and remembered last minute that he had to turn something in and they got this. I can also imagine the Judge Judy episode where Schwechater demands their money back from Kubelka who insists that he did what was asked of him.

All in all, more enjoyable than Unsere Afrikareise, to me, at least. But nothing special and certainly a waste of my minute and a half.


Produced by: Peter Kubelka
Cinematography by: Peter Kubelka
Editing by: Peter Kubelka
Special Effects by: -
Music by: -
Language: -
Color: Black and white | Color

Distributor: -


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