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onsdag 16 maj 2018


Directed by: Sven B, Roy H, Mario K, Susanne K, Marusz M
Written by: Sven B, Roy H, Mario K, Susanne K, Marusz M
Stars:  Mariusz M, Sven B, Mario K, Roy H, Adrian S, Susanne K.

Country: Germany
Style: Extreme | Short
Runtime: 50 min

I heard about this low-budget German production on a Facebook gore movie group I regularly inhabit. I contacted the director Mario Kreher who was quick to respond and willing to send a copy for review. He was also cool enough to include a Black Metal CD from a band called 'Vomit Church' which I reviewed on another site and some other cool shit like black metal coasters! Kreher told he had an underground black metal label which he founded in 1997 called EOLP or Liveeclipse which was now on the back burner but he still had 'Schlachten auf Burg Weibertreu' available. Kreher has since moved on with his job and personal family life but told me the fire of the blackness is still burning in him!

This low budget splatter fest was a film Kreher made with friends and initially shot in 2001/2002 and then re-released in 2013. It was filmed on Burg Weibertreu and on the Löwensteiner castle which are historic places in the area rich in culture and events surrounding it. Kreher is quick to point out the project was strictly amateur and a labor of love with him and his friends. It was a lot of blood, sweat, tears, 60 liters of real pigs blood, a garden pump, nylon stockings and beer...... lots of beer.

After going through the tedious process of cutting with film on tape, PC and not backing it up then painstakingly putting it all back together with VCR's and releases a small number of copies which he gave away. 2013 rolled around and he put it together again on PC and edited it and released it on DVD. Schlachten auf Burg Weibertreu is definitely one of the most bizarre and offbeat low budget German splatter flicks to grace the small screen in awhile. It plays out as a disjointed opus of scenes of different people zombified walking around killing people with various disembowelment's. We also get scenes of a stream of blood flowing out of a tomb, a bunch of guys head banging to various metal music, various battles between people with scythes and swords topped off with a couple of guys frolicking around in white tunics.

The whole affair is in German with no subs so I'm definitely missing particular information here but for the most part it is what it is. Its a film for those into low budget gore and don't discriminate if the film is filled with lots of low tech splatter sauce. I found the movie to be enjoyable for its position of knowing what it was and rolling with it. Its great when the film makers don't take themselves seriously and just have fun with it. From looking at the info scribed on Schlachten auf Burg Weibertreu this is the case here. Its meant to be enjoyed for what it is and and what it states on the DVD as "100% Violent Amateur Trash Shit!".

If low budget gore is your bag then Schlachten auf Burg Weibertreu is something you'll want to check out. You can reach Mario Kreher on Facebook or check out his site where you can check out his music label and the stuff he has done there plus the movie is also available on there if interested.

Special thanks to Mario Kreher for still having his heart firmly embedded in the underground and for being so gracious and generous.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Sven B, Roy H, Mario K, Susanne K, Marusz M
Cinematography by: Sven B, Roy H, Mario K, Susanne K, Marusz M
Editing by: Rio
Special Effects by: Sven B, Rio, Roy H
Music by: Zoooon, Living Deat, Eric Idle, Blixa Bargeld/Theo Teardo, Unholy, Pungent Stench
Language: German
Color: Color

Distributor: E.O.L.P. Movie Creations | Action Maniacs


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