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lördag 19 maj 2018

REVENGE (2017)

Directed by: Coralie Fargeat
Written by: Coralie Fargeat
Stars:  Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Kevin Janssens, Vincent Colombe... read more

Country: France
Style: Action | Thriller
Runtime: 1h 48min

Revenge has been picking up a lot of steam and gaining notable lovers of the film and haters. It seems some are calling it a feminist's wet dream revenge film on evil men. Rape/revenge films such as Revenge have been around for years and long before the idea for Revenge was even remotely conceived. What's the difference today? It seems society has taken a complete back flip and brought it self back to dark ages. In this so called age of modern free thinking people who walk on eggshells to avoid the faintest comment to infuriate another individual and the amendment of owning a gun is one of the most important fundamentals in the U.S. preceding everything else.

Revenge definitely has its merits and its evident faults. For me the film is visually stunning and stylish, weak on plot and story plus character development but it's definitely got this likable showstopping spark. Director Coralie Fargeat has got some amazing ideas and talent on how to portray those onto the screen. My problem is the absolute eye candy which movies like this have become. They baffle you with beautiful high definition clarity and extreme ultra violence and invigorating sexual fury but in the end it leaves you unsatisfied and in need of another fix so you toss it aside not being able to get to the next one fast enough. Its tiresome what some modern cinema has become.

Revenge is successful and director Fargeat will no doubt go on to make more movies which will do well, this is a no brainer, evident and obvious. Will Revenge be remembered in the next couple of years, probably not. The movie pops and grasps your attention with the over the top violence, the rooting for the protagonist to do her vengful and obligated deeds against her evil tormentors and her struggle to overcome adverse conditions and face implausible near death.

Revenge tells the modern version of this tale we know well but spins it in a somewhat different way. Jen (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz from Rings) is living the high life as a mistress with her wealthy beau Richard (Kevin Janssens). We see Richard regularly checking in at home to talk to his wife about upcoming dinner menu plans while Jen blows a tune on his pink flute. The two lust birds indulge at Richard's lavish and isolated getaway in the middle of a desert. One day by surprise two of Richard's hunting buddies arrive unannounced and days early to go on a planned hunting trip. Jen was to have been gone before these two cretins had showed up. One of Richard's buddies becomes infatuated with Jen and believes he should be entitled to her carnal offerings as much as Richard is.

Jen plays her mistress role one night but obviously sends the wrong message to one of Richard's cronies and is raped while the other one ignores the whole ordeal. Richard was out while this was happening getting hunting permits or some bullshit but when he returns Jen demands to get the fuck out of there via helicopter. Richard seems to comply and that's when things turn sour. The rape scene is effective, its nasty and disturbing and further validates Jen's action later in the film.

The big bust for many in Revenge is all of the over the top scenes and unbelievable plot turns. The biggest one being how Jen gets pushed over a cliff, brutally impaled on a stick embedded in a rock, a fall which would inevitably kill most every normal human being. Not so much the impaling but the high up drop would probably have broke her back or neck regardless. Even more implausible is how she frees herself from the impaled statue of wood and rock and a bunch of other shit even the use of peyote in one scene. You can look at Revenge in two ways at this point, as a no nonsense film which it tries to be or a b-movie style revenge movie. I think it lifts elements from both genres but its hard to be so serious when it does foolish things with different scene set ups and scenarios. It tries to be serious when it should be more campy and goofy which it is surely not.

If you want to enjoy Revenge, sit back, turn off your brain and enjoy the visual overload. I loved the camera work, angles, the slow mow grotesque scenes of close up mouth scenes as they grotesquely chomp on food or the close up scenes of the ant getting smothered in blood, even the apple metaphor with the ant is done brilliantly to be honest. There is immense talent here but I feel it is possibly directed in the wrong direction in some instances.

The gore is on point, over the top and cringe worthy so if you need your grue fix Revenge will satiate your palate. Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz is captivating in Revenge and its cool to see the mistress turn into a hunting and killing machine even if a far stretch. I think the grimier and dirtier Lutz's character gets sexier the dirtier and grimier she looks and I believe Fargeat capitalized on this aspect in the fullest. Revenge can be enjoyed as a great looking b-movie but park the feminist shit at the door and just take the movie in for what it is, a modern and polished take on stuff that I Spit On Your Grave or Last House On The Left did in the 70's.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Carole Baraton, Yannick Bossenmeyer... read more
Cinematography by: Robrecht Heyvaert
Editing by: Jerome Eltabet, Coralie Fargeat, Bruno Safar
Special Effects by: Laetitia Quillery
Music by: Robin Coudert, Rob
Language: English | French
Color: Color

Distributor: Shudder


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