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söndag 20 maj 2018


Directed by: Scott Collins, Dwayne King
Written by: Scott Collins
Stars:  Evelyn Angelo, Bracey, Dwayne King... read more

Country: USA
Style: Slasher
Runtime: 1h 08min

Myrtle Beach has some eager and passionate indie film makers in folks like Scott Collins and The Kluckin Films crew. People who scrape by and put hard earned money into low budget indie productions because they just love doing it. I previously reviewed Kill Syndrome but decided to pick it up again and see if the fine cheese had aged to perfection along with my opinion and state of mind checking it out the first time. Opinions are like breaking wind, sometimes they hang around for a while and sometimes they just go away quickly.

Kill Syndrome is available for free on YouTube and director Scott Collins will be the first one to tell you that. The movie has received over 237,000 views and he is a bit sore about it but surprisingly just happy for the exposure. King and Collins are just gracious that people want to watch their films and they are very humble and chill guys. Collins is currently moving forward with his upcoming film Transkiller inspired by Brian De Palma's "Dressed To Kill". Kill Syndrome just received a VHS release in Australia on the indie label Medallion Films which is very cool.

Kill Syndrome has a lot of "so bad it's good" moments that are actually quite clever including the beginning scene where a girl wakes up from a bad dream and turns off the scary music in the background which just so happens to be playing on her stereo. The over acting, surprisingly well done make-up effects and one thing I enjoyed was the terror the victims in it felt, they actually sounded frightened, it's so hard to find this is in movies. It's not effective when in a notorious Japanese snuff-style film the female victim sounds like she is going to sleep when she is being brutally tortured almost as bad as simulated sex scenes where the guy noticeably leaves his pants on dry humping the girl.

Kill Syndrome is definitely the Hillbilly Chainsaw Massacre but it has heart and I like that about it. Not sure how a family of miscreants can use a highly public storage locker as a torture dungeon but it adds to the fun. All the characters in the family of lunatic killers is good in their own way and keep things humorous. The torture scenes are long and agonizing and brutal so my hat goes off for the crew for succeeding there.

Kluckin also did a couple of other films including a zombie film titled Blood Beach and it's a good low budget fun gory time. Contact Scott Collins on Facebook, if you like his stuff, support him and his upcoming film Trans killer. All the best to Collins and any low budget film maker with passion and a vision for low budget horror cinema and here's to those who are fighting the fight because of their love for the genre.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Scott Collins, Dwayne King
Cinematography by: Scott Collins, Dwayne King
Editing by: Dwayne King
Special Effects by: Leah Carroll Myers and Bracey, Kevin Doyle
Music by: Bobby Marks and Up Spook Hill
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Kluckin Films


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