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måndag 21 maj 2018


Directed by: Naz Pankey
Written by: Carlos Dunn
Stars:  Tempast Wulf, Damien Chinappi, Jovani S. Rampersad... read more

Country: USA
Style: Action | Thriller
Runtime: 1h 50min

Writer Carlos Dunn - also the Founder and CEO of the production company Vampires2 films LLC that also produces this very film. Unlike previous productions he has only written the screenplay and not directed it, and perhaps that was not the best move. It was directed by Naz Pankey, her first feature after a few short films she's directed and written.

Okay, so the movie is about.. This is kind of where it gets tricky - on one hand it seems to be about this woman (Jovani S. Rampersad), but then it gets confusing, jumping from people to people for the first 20 minutes with little or no connection to each other. But then something happens, and from that moment you can kind of follow the storyline - the woman is a vampire trying to save people that are dying, well that's nice.

Two years later we get to follow a now turned girl/vampire (Tempast Wulf) that struggles a bit with her new kind of lifestyle, and some guy (Kristoph Wulf) that likes to torture, kill and collect human trophies in a basement. Well that is until he runs in to the girl. While these things happen in a somewhat confusing way, we also get to follow the girls mothers struggle with her daughters "situation", while dating a detective that of course is in charge of the investigation regarding "All those cases with ripped out throats, but without any blood at the scene.."

So I'm a bit confused, not so much with the storyline when passing those first minutes, but with all the weird and unnecessary green screen shots and the sound is way to high, way to low och just weird throughout the whole movie. Another thing is the way the switch equipment, so in between the quality is great, and sometimes very questionable.

In my opinion these were not experienced actors - but boy was I wrong, maybe that's the genre they wanted to go with - dialogue, acting, stage fighting and all that maybe was just to turn on the "B" feel, but I don't think so.. Especially when the main actress (Tempast Wulf) has done movies since 1997, and on full time since 2012.

I understand where they were trying to go - a different kind of vampire movie, that doesn't focus that much on the vampire part, that's something they did succeed with. But for me it just didn't work, felt like I wanted more from the actors, more from the script.

Dunn's very first movie "Carlos Dunn's Katherine" (2015) is written as "Award winning" in numerous places, although I can't seem to find what award that would be, just some nominations (also that information can only be found on the movies webpage), so a bit suspicions... Oh, and there are vampires in this one too.

If you look for originality in a vampire movie, than this could be something for you. And if you enjoy a bit of cheesy dialogue and overacting/underacting, then this could suit you as well.

My rating: 2 out of 5


Produced by: Don Burnett, Khadir Cade, Gilbert Chilvas... read more
Cinematography by: Dillon Green, Travis Smith
Editing by: Daniel Aguilar, Carlos Dunn, Mark Mockett
Special Effects by: Andrew Bones, Carlos Dunn
Music by: Mariano Saulino
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Vampires2 FILMS


Writer for Twisted Minds. Actress based in (but not exclusive to) Gothenburg, Sweden. Been acting most her life, and for the recent couple of years also got some experience behind the camera. Likes all kinds of movies and genres, but horror has always been closest to the heart.