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torsdag 10 maj 2018


Directed by: Adrian Baez
Written by: Adrian Baez
Stars:  Shane Ryan, Karri Davis, Nicoletta Hanssen... read more

Country: Canada
Style: Drama | Short | Thriller
Runtime: 27min

Adrian Baez is back delivering another tale of debauchery from Hollywood. This time inspired by snuff film making and the underbelly of modeling and those desperate to find work becoming victims to those who prey upon innocent girls new in town. From watching I can see Baez is influenced by Tamakichi Anaru's infamous 'Tumbling Doll Of Flesh' (aka Psycho: The Snuff Reels, Niku Daruma) due to the shot of the poster from the official 'Massacre Video Release' in the background and the name of the 3rd chapter in this short film is titled 'The Tumbling Dolls Of Flesh'. Content wise it's less explicit than the aforementioned Japanese diatribe of snuff carnage and more film noir influenced by David Lynch and his film 'Mullholland Drive' as well as the 1986 film 'Spine'.

Upon watching 'Flesh And Blood A Go! Go!' I notice the professionalism displayed with everything from the credits, music and especially the way its shot. Everything looks great and is done beautifully for a production of a low budget caliber. The audio in some of the scenes is noticeably low especially when Mick (Shane Ryan) is chatting with Kandi (Karri Davis) about potential modeling work for a friend of his then again this is the rough cut of the film so I'm sure things will be tweaked as its officially released on DVD.

The plot features Kandi who has just arrived in Hollywood and is looking for work. She endlessly walks around applying for jobs with no offers or prospects in sight. Just as Kandi is about to throw in the towel she is approached by an equally creepy and friendly character named Mick. He seems to be on the hunt for some "new talent" for his snuff buddy film makers as we overheard a conversation earlier on the phone. Mick offers modeling work to Kandi and assures her safety , she is apprehensive but in desperate need of work so she foolishly excepts. Kandi shows up for the shoot and the photographers are waiting for her but she doesn't know what's in store her on this shoot.

It's a pretty basic and unoriginal plot here and it's carried out in a by the numbers fashion. No real surprises or cool twists, it could definitely use an injection of adrenaline to pick things up a bit. The snuff maker formula is nothing new and there really needs to be a new angle brought to the table to make it successful. I was also hoping for some more gore effects and but it was sub dued in this area as well. Hollywood is definitely filled with great looking people and there is obviously a seedy underbelly so it would have been cool if Baez could dig down a little deeper and get dirtier with the subject matter.

His style is high quality and polished here, I was hoping for a little more grittiness. I love the music in his films as always and out of all his work so far I still think 'Entrails And Amour' is probably my favorite piece of work from him to date. Baez has been successful in being a do it yourself indie film maker, has a number of projects under his belt and continues to add more so I commend him on his hard work ethic and ability to put his vision into motion and I hope to see more work from him.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Adrian Baez, Sam Nel, Julianna Brudek, Jesse Ballesteros, Warren Chan Tommy Huffman
Cinematography by: Adrian Baez, Adam Sill
Editing by: Adrian Baez, Vince Roth
Special Effects by: Adrian Baez, Kellyn Turrietta, Matt Holbrook
Music by: Forgotten Soul, Thousand Skulls, La Croix and La Banniere, Vulvodynia, Mr. Kitty and Blvck Ceiling
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: MollyWalsh Video Productions


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