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onsdag 30 maj 2018


Directed by: Jonas Wolcher
Written by: Jonas Wolcher, Aldo Cunei, Lotta Holmquist... read more
Stars:  Martin Brisshäll, Nick Holmquist, Christian van Caine... read more

Country: Sweden
Style: Action | Comedy
Runtime: 1h 25min

Swedish genre movies isn't a very big thing. In the last couple of years there have been a resurgence and a couple of weird indie flicks have escaped their confinement. In the 70’s and 80’s Swedish cinema was a pretty big deal and even if we never will reach that standard again we should be glad that some smaller indie productions sees the light of the day at all.

One of these weird little movies, and maybe a forerunner for Swedish genre movies, is Jonas Wolchers 'Die Zombiejäger' (2005). One of Sweden's first zombie features and it takes place in our beloved Gothenburg (where I currently reside). Everything began with the short 'Zombienoid' (2002) that got some attention and after a “failed” pitch for another project Jonas decided to make his first feature a zombie movie. The basic premise is as easy as it is weird:

Gothenburg is suddenly invaded by zombies (or at least the biggest street in Gothenburg is...) and the town orders in a team from the German anti-zombie organisation - Die Zombiejäger - to deal with the situation. In the middle of all this a Italian assassin, Dragonetti (Aldo Cunei) is on the lookout for his next target in town and ends up in the hands of a zombie cult leader (WHAT!?!). Maybe a spoiler, but the zombie cult leader is responsible for the outbreak by´infecting ordinary milk from convenience stores and putting it back so when innocent civilians buys and consumes it they turn to flesh hungry zombies (again...WHAT!?!). For what I honestly have no clue and if they explain it in closer detail I’ve forgot. (Dragonetti got his own movie in 2009 - Dragonetti the Ruthless Contract Killer, so there actually is a shared universe between these two. A sequel is in talks, we’ll see what happens with that in the future.)

You can tell this movie is ludacris. It’s like a forgotten Troma movie (of which there is many) with it’s silly plot, ridiculous script and cheap but fun gore. The camera work is awful and the acting is sometimes funny as hell and sometimes so bad that I’d rather rip my dick off and throw it at the TV than watch another second of it. The true definition of cringe, let me tell you that. But everything in good fun. It might sound like I don’t like this movie, like I don’t enjoy it - but I do! I know Jonas personally and we have talked a lot about Die Zombiejäger. It’s an amazing passion project with a whole lot of love on the screen. A lot more love than experience. It’s one of those movies that inspires me to sometimes just grab my camera and “do it”. Something I know Jonas preaches as well. If you want to make a movie - do it! If you want to make a good one, well that takes a bit more work…

The Swedish indie scene would look very different without the love and passion of Jonas, I promise you that. His work is important for every up and coming Swedish filmmakers.

Is Die Zombiejäger a good movie? No.
Is it an entertaining movie? Most of the time.
Do I recommend it? Yes (especially with a couple of beers and friends).

The best part is that it recently had a remastered digital re-release so it should be pretty accessible for anyone interested. Don’t take my low rating as a outright bad thing, this movie just plays in it’s own ballpark compared to other ⅖ movies - trust me on that...

I know that Jonas has some projects in the pipeline and I’ll absolutely be by his side on some of them to help them come true. And remember this - Zombiejäger is not dead...

My rating: 2 out of 5


Produced by: Magnus Hedqvist, Jonas Wolcher
Cinematography by: -
Editing by: Jonas Wolcher
Special Effects by: Jonas Wolcher
Music by: Aardia, Avatar, Dismember, Dark Funeral, Necro Facility, Sturm Cafe
Language: Italian | Swedish | English | German
Color:  Color

Distributor: Regain Records


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