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torsdag 3 maj 2018


This German indie film from director Matthia Olof Eich's Praetoria Productions promises to follow the style of 70's and 80's Grindhouse B-movies. It will feature all practical effects which result in a very hand made film which promises to be entertaining but not demanding on the viewer, in other words a great film to enjoy a couple beers with!


Darwins Law will receive a pure video on demand release and will not be put into the hands of a distributor. Director/Producer Eich doesn't expect much financial success but hopes Darwins Law will provide a boost of enthusiasm for German independent cinema. Darwins Law was entirely funded independently by Praetoria Productions and shot in and around Oberammergau, Frankfurt and Leverkusen.

"Special Agent Scott Taylor is investigating an illegal killer online game called Darwins Law. Determined to shut it down, he gets too close to discovering who is behind it all and suddenly he disappears... only to discover he is now part of the game himself. Now, Special Agent Scott Taylor must somehow survive... DARWINS LAW."

DARWIN'S LAW pays homage to the Grindhouse and B-Movies of the 70s and 80s. Constructed in an easy to follow manner, the movie sends his protagonist from point A to B and gives the viewer the freedom to follow the story and be entertain by this film without great demands. Since the 70s and 80s were not influenced by CGI effects, as was the case from the 90s, DARWINS LAW focuses on practical effects on set and in front of the camera. This gives DARWINS LAW its unmistakable charm of a "hand-made" film.

The publication of DARWINS LAW is also another small milestone for Praetoria- Productions, as DARWINS LAW will receive a pure Video On Demand release and will not go the usual way through distributors. Whether the concept, to distribute the film directly without middlemen to the audience will work, or pirate copies or missing marketing budget will compromise this approach, remains to be seen. However, producer Matthias Olof Eich is confident, that despite a potentially small financial success, he expects a boost for the popularity of German independent genre cinema.

DARWINS LAW, is a purely German independent production. The movie was filmed in and around Oberammergau, Frankfurt and Leverkusen. Since productions like these have to be done without funding, DARWINS LAW was fully funded and produced by Praetoria- Productions. Apart from main producer Matthias Olof Eich, the co-producers were Patrick Jahns, Christopher Lee Meadows and Christian Bierling. DARWINS LAW is further proof that independent cinema, with the right concept, works in Germany and the world.

Since the internationally marketed BREAK (2009) and BUNKER OF THE DEAD (2016) Praetoria- Productions is a guarantor for strong genre cinema from Germany. Made in Germany, made for the world.