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måndag 14 maj 2018


Artist: Cuff
Released: 2015-07-01
Style: Brutal Death Metal | Grindcore
Runtime: 20:44

In 2005 formed this festering two piece of foul grind depravity. Unfortunately after a great run of full lengths, splits, eps and compilations in 2016 they decided to call it quits. Composed of members Zach Smith on guitars, bass, vocals and drum programming plus Bob Shaw belting out one of the most unique and jaw dropping vocal styles to ever surface in this type of uncompromising death/grind. Currently Shaw is lending his vocal talents to a band by the name of 'Existential Dissipation'. The brutality and uncompromising vocal monstrosities of Shaw have evolved and have only become more intense.

Hailing from Oshawa Ontario, 2015 saw the release of this EP titled Interstellar Deviance. Released independently and digitally I was fortunate enough to stumble upon it on Bandcamp. It is a primo slice of underrated grind godliness and something quite unique at the same time. My only sadness is that shortly after this and a couple of split releases Cuff ceased to exist and this form of cyber grind was no more.

Interstellar Deviance is composed of five tracks of some of the craziest grind you will come across. I label it cyber grind because although the band have brought perversion and sickness with past themes on their releases they have taken a much different and definitely cool approach with this one. Interstellar Deviance is just that, it's like the equivalent of a gore grind worshiping offering but spin the gore into the solar system and you have some crazy material laced with lots of cool old sci-fi movie samples thrown in.

This EP is an underground gem which needs way more recognition, it simply rips and those vocal stylings sound like a mutated alien gurgling and being reborn in pain and sheer guttural agony. Mix the perfect blend of chaotic grind and those vocals together and Interstellar Deviance is the unleashing of pure cosmic aural assaulting bliss.


Band members:
Zach Smith - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drum programming
Bob Shaw - Vocals

Cody McConnell - Vocals (track 5)

Label: Independent
Country: Canada



Owner of and writer for Twisted Minds. Combined his love for underground films, music and comics with writing in the 90's. Started tape trading the good stuff around that time when originals of Italian classics by Fulci, Argento, Deodato, Castellari and Margheriti were hard to find. Then came German gore by Ittenbach and Schnaas, Mondo movies and Japanese gore such as Guinea Pig and Men Behind The Sun. Written for Violent Maniacs Cage, Mortados Pages Of Filth, ZFE Films With Attitude, Severed Cinema, Goregasmic Cinema, Pophorror & Extreme Horror Cinema.