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fredag 18 maj 2018


Directed by: Nathan Clements
Written by: Nathan Clements
Stars:  Nathan Clements, Dwayne King, Christine Giguere, Todd Cannon, etc.

Country: USA
Style: Action | Crime
Runtime: 1h 34min

Zero budget film maker Nathan Clements from the Southern United States has completed this labor of love. An ode to all those fans who dig low-budget action films loaded with bullet hits, stylish action done to the best of its capabilities, lots of brutal violence and an anarchistic notion like no other. Buster Jones took Clements five years and five grand out of pocket for its realization. What we have is to witness is a conspiracy action fans dream come true. It's rough looking as hell but it has some non-stop balls out carnage throughout and most of importantly a hell of a lot of heart in its execution.

Based on a comic by Clements, the Buster Jones role is also played by Clements himself in the film. In the movie the world has gone to shit, probably not much worse than how it's going currently. We get all the agencies responsible and the talk of a new world order where everything is controlled by the government who are doing the worst of the worst under its cloak of corruption and scrutiny. Fellow Myrtle Beach indie film maker Scott Collins (Kill-Syndrome, Blood Beach) plays Billy, a memorable role especially in particular scenes where Collins told me his dialogue was ad-lib. It seems the New World Order has enlisted Billy to dispose of its female trash and he's glad to oblige, basically bottom feeding scum disposing of innocent women used as sex slaves. Billy brews up his female scraps a class 5 jizz hurricane and proceeds to take care of the loose ends.

Buster Jones is mailing out hand grenades to all the organizations responsible for the new world order via UPS nonetheless. Jones is on a crusade to single handedly take out all individuals responsible for creating this new world. With black paint smeared across his eyes and a long black trench coat adorned with an A for Anarchy scribed on the back he guns down, physically crushes and blows up all those in his way. With some intel from a priest he makes his way through the ranks of the new world order organization with guns blazing.

I dig this film, there's nothing like it around especially in recent years. Usually action films, even straight to video ones are extremely polished affairs nowadays with good looking actor wannabe's being made by mediocre companies looking to make a quick buck. Buster Jones is pure underground indie made by fans for fans. With its run time it does get a little long winded but for the most part sit back and watch Jones destroy the opposition with intense shootouts not afraid to spray the blood all over the screen.

I also dig the hardcore metal music by Awake In Chaos, it's style matches the movie perfectly. Show some support for the hard working low-budget movie makers who put all their free time and passion into these productions.

Special thanks to Scott Collins for showcasing Buster Jones and sending the links to check it out.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by: Nathan Clements.
Cinematography by: Nathan Clements.
Editing by: Nathan Clements.
Special Effects by: Christine Giguere, Dwayne King, Nathan Clements.
Music by: Joe Milo, Nathan Clements, Joseph Graziano, Awake In Chaos, Electric Birdnoise
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Bloody Racket Films.


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