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söndag 20 maj 2018


Artist: Brain Spasm
Released: 2016-12-26
Style: Goregrind
Runtime: 16:05

Intense goregrind EP from these Canuck horror loving butchers of the damned.  Eight tracks of intense and tight goregrind goodness that drills into your guts as your entrails curl around the auger. Everything that makes a solid goregrind record is featured here and these guys deliver on all fronts.

Originally released independently in 2016 Toxic Monstrosities was quickly picked up by probably one of the premiere labels in the country for all top Canadian metal, that label appropriately titled CDN Records who have delivered this gore soaked outing of extreme bowel heavy and shit splattered spectacle of sickness.

I've listened to my share of goregrind over the years and Toxic Monstrosities got the pus gurgling formula right with this one.  Listening I hear sounds similar to Jig-Ai and especially Squash Bowels, it has a high quality production and those signature thick toilet gurgle and scrape vocals are ever so prevalent.  Heavy and thick drum beats which hit mid tempo and blast beats plus throw in an epic slowed down mosh part to keep the flow going. The fuzzy guitar and bass sounds are thick and heavy and ring out with precise surgical and distorted destruction.

Toxic Monstrosities are self confessed horror, gore and wrestling fans.  I think the kicker on this EP is the 8th and final track where the band show their humorous and passionate side for professional wrestling by including a cover of the theme music for the famous WWF wrestler The Ultimate Warrior.  Being born in the 80's I watched this era of wrestling and when I heard this song on here it brought a big shit eating grin on my face, job well done lads!  "The Ultimate Cover" definitely brings this ep above and beyond.

I'm a big fan of horror and gore movies myself obviously and we get lots of great samples on here.  I can pick out most of them such as Child's Play, Toxic Avenger, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and They Live.  I couldn't pick out the samples from Human Ooze, Zombie Blood Nightmare and the one that intrigues me the most was the sample used in track 3 on here called Blood, Bones And Bodyparts, the only movie I can think of is the killer lawnmower movie Blades but surprisingly I haven't seen it.  Goregrind and horror movies are a match made in hell, I love this shit.

Looking for new goregrind and you've exhausted your go to bands then check out Toxic Monstrosities because I think you'll be pleasantly surprised this offering they bring to the cold metal slab.  Toxic Monstrosities might even become one of your new favorites as they absolutely dominate with their goregrind style on here.  Here's to hoping the crew release a full length of more horror movie homage gore soon.


Chris Sabbath - Bass
Geoff Hodsman - Drums
Paul Morrell - Guitars
Bob Shaw - Vocals
Matt Hilden - Vocals

Label: CDN Records
Country: Canada



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