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tisdag 22 maj 2018


Directed by: Lö Lee
Written by: Lö Lee
Stars: Ruedi Bong, Bruno Brunelli, Roble Brutelli... read more

Country: Switzerland
Style: Extreme | Short
Runtime: 24min

As low-budget as it was extreme, this German short tells the story of a pair of ruthless police officers who take the local drug epidemic into their own hands by raiding a local crack house. The raid turns into a massacre when the cops decide that the junkies that inhabited the crack house should pay with their lives. Shit sort of hits the fan when one of the junkies escapes, leaving a trail of blood for the officers to follow. She leads them to another crack house where they start picking apart even more junkies until they experience junkies that are more ruthless than them. The cops end up being the ones to pay with their lives this time.

This was surprisingly good. It had a ton of charm for such a low budget film. It was mean spirited but had a lot of humor to lighten things up. The two dudes who played the police officers were pretty believable as Young-Sean-Penn-In-Colors-Style cops and all of the junkies were even more believable.

This was so well shot for such an amateur film. Lots of creative shots and angles. Whoever did the cinematography for this should be proud. I'm sure if they had a larger budget and more modern cameras they would be capable of making something incredible looking.

Though it was in German, it was easy to follow. Towards the end there's a lot of shots of a book or piece of paper with something highlighted on it and a voice-over, this was really the only part that I wish I knew German for. Otherwise it was pretty self explanatory and really simple story wise.

There. Was. So much blood. Buckets of it. This film definitely fits into the whole “splatter” genre well. And although there was way too much blood, it never felt over the top. The FX were pretty great for something so low budget too. They weren’t anything ridiculous either. It was all pretty realistic.

All in all, Blutgeil was really fun. It had a lot of flaws but it had a lot of good going on that made up for the weak points. Worth checking out. If you don’t like this, you don’t like fun.

Also of note, there’s a short news segment type thing on YouTube that's mostly in English. It has the director and one of the other dudes discuss the film a little. One of them has massive boil looking lumps all over his head. It's weird. They got in trouble for making this the way that Mike Diana did. That's depressing.


Produced by: Peter Kubelka
Cinematography by: Herb Zoomer, M.G Luger.
Editing by: Hussein Singaya
Special Effects by: Ilsa Spritzig, Enrico Gargulio
Music by: Gore, Amebix, Mokele M'Bembe
Language: Germany
Color: Color

Distributor: Splatting Image


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