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onsdag 30 maj 2018


Directed by: Dan Hejman
Written by: Dan Hejman, Nicklas Wallén
Stars:  Nicklas Wallén, Matthias Nilsson, Ulrik Petersen... read more

Country: Sweden
Style: Action | Crime
Runtime: 1h 32min

From Sweden comes this intense, campy and gory crime thriller/slasher/horror mix rolled into one and it all goes well together resulting in a nice gory mess as buckets of blood soak the screen. I always love it when I come across an unheard of indie horror gem and in the case of A Grave For Jimmy it was a pleasure to check this out and indulge in some Scandinavian gore.

A Grave For Jimmy features a cool story line with a couple of twists and a healthy dose of practical gore effects. The story is nice and involved which is always a pleasure when watching a low budget indie film because it shows that the little guys can weave an entertaining tale and not rely on the usual horror formulas. The focus in A Grave For Jimmy is a group of bank robbers whose heist goes awry, then the movie turns into a tale of revenge while taking another turn as a slasher/splatter movie. I definitely dug the films ability to deviate and set its sights on the different themes and do it well. I believe A Grave For Jimmy's strengths lie in these abilities while making the whole thing very entertaining.

The acting is the caliber you would expect but the movie is in Swedish so I think this benefits an English speaking individual such as myself by being in its native tongue so this elevated the performances of the actors even more for myself as I read the subtitles. The piratical effects are plentiful and done very well, nice clean looking slasher style and in some instances torture gore.

The scene in the movie that takes place at a small metal concert venue is one of the best and entertaining I've seen in awhile. Equal parts humorous and gore fest the concert scene has a killer hacking and slashing his way through the concert goers as the band completely tears it up on stage. Much respect to CREEP'IN DETH FX for the hard work put into the effects for A Grave For Jimmy.

Released in 2012, A Grave For Jimmy is going to see new life with a re-release and rightfully so because underground fans deserve to have a crack at this one.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Wallen Bros Co
Cinematography by: Markus Wallén
Editing by: Dan Hejman
Special Effects by: Creep'in Deth FX
Music by: Simon Frödeberg
Language: Swedish
Color: Color

Distributor: Dustbin Pictures


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