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onsdag 11 april 2018


Directed by: Tommy Turner, David Wojnarowicz
Written by: Tommy Turner, David Wojnarowicz
Stars: Scott Werner, Joe Coleman, Baby Gregor... read more

Country: USA
Style: Short | Thriller
Runtime: 28 min

Extremely abrasive and violent, Where Evil Dwells is, in my opinion one of the best films to come out of the Cinema Of Transgression movement and absolutely the best film about Ricky Kasso. 'My Sweet Satan' (1994) directed by Jim Van Bebber being a close second.

Another who’s who of NY underground legends with Tommy Turner, Joe Coleman, and Lung Leg to name a few. This black and white short takes an interesting approach at telling the story of Acid King Ricky Kasso, depicting some of his antics in extreme and artistic ways.

Narrated by a murderous ventriloquist’s dummy, and accompanied by a soundtrack featuring Wiseblood. Where Evil Dwells gets sort of goofy at points but makes up for it by packing a pissed off punch. Definitely mean spirited. The Wiseblood song by the same name makes for a great theme for the film. It trudges along and drags you along with it.

When it gets violent it gets violent and though the gore is extremely low budget and DIY it’s certainly there and it looks pretty good to me. They spend a bunch of time on the murder scene. It’s brutal.

There’s a ton of experimental filler strewn about. Shots of dead and dying animals, too much time spent on a roller coaster, angry teenage hijinks, a dude dressed as Jesus eating dinner and smoking a cigarette, a mummy writhing around, bunch of people strapped to a train, bikers, bondage, you name it... No lack of this kind of stuff. There was all sorts of wild angles and camerawork as well. It was cool to look at.

I really dug this one. I’ve seen it at least twenty times at this point and every time I feel like there’s something I didn’t see the last time. Absolutely worth seeking out by any means necessary.


Produced by: Tommy Turner, David Wojnarowicz
Cinematography by: David Wojnarowicz
Editing by: David Wojnarowicz
Special Effects by: David Wojnarowicz
Music by: J.G. Thirlwell, Wiseblood
Language: English
Color: Black & white

DistributorBFI Video


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