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tisdag 3 april 2018


Directed by: Dominik Heit
Written by: Dominik Heit
Stars:  Dominik Heit, Claudio de Giacomo, Hannes Kraft, Dominik Stolarski

Country: Germany
Style: Short
Runtime: 38min

The German underground is always a fascinating place to find new treasures. For one who loves straying off the beaten path I often find some great stuff. With my discoveries I have usually only started to even scratch the surface on the amount of zero budget gore and horror that countries like Germany have to offer. With my earlier experiences in discovering underground German horror/gore I went to the more known directors, the flagships of the craft such as Ittenbach, Rose, Buttgereit and Schnaas but there is a new generation. A slew of do it yourself film makers who may or may not reach that status but are doing what they want and having a great time doing it. I'm sure when Andreas Schnaas put out stuff like the original Violent Shit he never knew what type of impact it would have on the underground horror scene.

Dirt n Dust Films out of Germany have put out some interesting psychological horror material. Not focusing on gore and carnage film maker Dominik Heit has opted for a journey into the mind of a man who has slipped and lost his grip on his everyday life. His girlfriend has left him, no job prospects and a general lack of interest for everything. The main character also played by Dominik Heit gets triggered by those around him. He begins administering sadistic behavior by killing anyone who crosses his path for even the slightest moments of insolence.

Heik's character even starts to lose his grip on reality as he wallows in despair on his couch. He starts seeing visions of himself as an evil doppelganger who laughs at how pathetic he has become. Vagrants, general acquaintances and even friends are no match for the deviant behavior his mind administers and they all fall victim to his murderous rage.

Weakness Of A Sick Mind is a cool portrayl of someone who mentally breaks down. In some form or another we can all relate to what happens in this film, not always to the extreme extent of murder but those feelings of hopelessness and grief. The film is shot well with this faded blue appearance with which lens filter or style was chosen and this works in giving the movie an effective atmosphere along with the music.

The gore effects that are here are okay, not the best, for example in one scene of a man getting his head bashed in its noticeably edited and forced in such a way its not believable. If Heit continues I'm sure he will sharpen his craft and improve with each project he takes on. It was cool seeing some supporters of horror scene in the film such as a cameo by underground horror fanatic/supporter Claudio Giacomo as a homeless man who becomes the first victim in the film. Gunther Brandl of Brandl Pictures (Unholy Ground, Necrophile Passion, Deep In My Minds Eye, Moor Monster) also has a small role as a doctor so it was cool seeing him in this as well.

The DVD release also features another short film titled 'Shadows Of Franconia' which runs 16 minutes and I believe was featured at P.S.Y.C.H.O. Productions first annual film festival. Check out Dirt n Dust Films on Facebook where you can order Weakness Of A Sick Mind as part of a bundle including a poster and a t-shirt. All which feature the amazing cover art by maestro Martin Trafford. Support underground indie film making.

My rating: 3 out of 5


Produced by:  Dominik Heit, Dominik Stolarski
Cinematography by:  Dominik Heit, Dominik Stolarski
Editing by:  Dominik Heit
Special Effects by:  Dominik Heit
Music by: -
Language: German
Color: Color

DistributorDirt n Dust Films


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