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fredag 6 april 2018


Directed by: Davide Pesca
Written by: Davide Pesca
Stars:  Davide Menaglio, Catlin Strange, Fabio Nobili, Anna Maglia,
Astrid Giumelli, Beatrice P, Catia Bertolini, Alessandra Pellegatta, Rubina

Country: Italy
Style: Arthouse | Extreme
Runtime: 1h 16min

Davide Pesca has unleashed a series of demented, graphic and intense tales destined to leave an imprint on your mind. Tales From Deep Hell is a series of extreme performance art scenarios more so than a movie with a linear plot. It could also be called a sort of anthology because it does contain a wrap around story. A male subject is trapped in a room where the walls are literally closing in. A small screen mounted on the wall in front of him shows the different grotesque short stories unfold.

In the first segment titled 'Peepshow' a stripper is paid to literally and extremely mutilate and disembowel herself in front of a client. The second story 'Philosophy Of Beauty' tells the story of a women with a facial dis-figuration. This tale is efficient in making a statement on how shallow TV and society can be making people yearn to be physically beautiful no matter what the cost. I felt sorry for the women until I watched the bizarre and unsettling ritual she partakes in to make her face appear beautiful. We see all the women she has killed, mutilated and tortured for their beauty including faces being literally sliced off, teeth being pulled with pliers, an eyeball is cut out and a breast is cut off in graphic detail. After bathing her face in the blood of these women she goes through this jaw dropping stage of metamorphoses or rebirth.

'Life Death and Sins' is a 7 chapter tale which even includes written narration throughout on the bottom of the screen. Generally the stories on here have none to little dialogue, the film is Italian and the parts which do contain dialogue have subtitles. Life, Death And Sins features a number of different scenarios with sinister overtones. We get a man with gouged out eyes frolicking through an abyss to get his sight back, a young girl practicing voodoo, a young man falls victim to a dark hooded female demon, a chess game which features two men receiving different flesh mutilating piercings by hook and needles as each move on the game board is made. The men in these scenes plus the macabre face painted hooded figure administering the techniques are obviously experienced performers but everything is real and still looks very uncomfortable. In some instances hard to watch as skin is pierced skewered, hooked and stretched in painful looking fashion.

The chapter continues on as we get a solo female performer who begins with a playful strip tease which then launches into a full blown flesh ripping self mutilation show. The model looks familiar and appears in a number of the segments on Tales From Deep Hell. In another chapter a couple of beastly girls eviscerate an abducted and bound male victim. In another chapter a male victim tied to a chair has his life obliterated as the blood from his body is extracted by an alluring female torturer. We then cut to a messy and physically dirty looking blonde who appeared at the beginning of the chapter looking rather stunning, now she is filthy and sporting this grotesque face while she drinks the blood extracted from the man. This scene is probably my favorite in Life, Death And Sins alongside the rather demented chess game between the two pierced lads.

Later it ends with a woman who is physically pleasing to the eyes but who starts seeing reflections of her skin deteriorating in the mirror, possibly a metaphor for fake external beauty and discovering the real beauty within. The next story titled 'Cuts Of Me' weaves a tale of a woman who is noticeably depressed and seeks reprieve through cutting herself. To make matters worse it seems her lover has left her intensifying the effects of the depression causing her to mentally, physically and literally go over the edge.

Tales From Deep Hell is an entertaining underground art film but it contains enough graphic gore and nudity to entertain most discriminating gore film fans. Its filled to the brim with beautiful women, excessive gore and nudity but still pulls off that art house, performance cinema vibe. Its an enjoyable romp into the dark side of the human psyche and kudos to Pesca for delivering it in such a hair raising fashion. I recommend Tales From Deep Hell so go visit Black Lava Entertainment and pick yourself up the slipcase edition at

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by: Davide Pesca
Cinematography by: Davide Pesca
Editing by: Davide Pesca
Special Effects by: Davide Pesca
Music by: Davide Pesca
Language: Italian
Color: Color

DistributorBlack Lava Entertainment


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