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lördag 21 april 2018


Directed by: Mike O'Mahony
Written by: Erich Ficke, Mike O'Mahony
Stars:  Mike O'Mahony, James Costa, Lauren Ojeda... read more

Country: USA
Style: Comedy | Slasher
Runtime: 1h 15min

After coming over Mike O'Mahoney's debut movie 'Deadly Detour' (2011) and writing a review about it, he personally contacted me and told me about his later productions. I had previously come across 'Sloppy the Psychotic' on DVD and therefore chose to also give it a review.

This is Mahony's second feature film, and although the technology has not changed much as opposed to 'Deadly Detour', at least the imagination has developed for the better. While Deadly Detour was a typical slasher movie, we instead witness a John Wayne Gacy-like psychopath that literally freaks out children, adolescents and their parents - it's cruel, brutal and very extreme.

Meet Sloppy the Clown (played by Mike himself), a man whose only goal in life is to give joy to children. But when the employer thinks it's bad for his career, he gets fired. Mike's mental health is getting worse, a true misery - working as a clown was part of his wonderful life. He becomes depressed, alcoholic and soon we will witness a good man whose life is going straight to hell... Sloppy the Clown becomes short Sloppy the Psychotic.

I like Mike to use the immoral, sexist, and politically incorruptant, without touching the audience very much. It's clear that he does it with the glimpse of the eye and it becomes fun instead of scary. This is a relatively entertaining movie despite the flaws in the set of design, sound and light as well as its actors.

Sloppy is possibly the world's boring clown and there's no chance you'll laugh at the stubbornness of his eyes. The rest of the actors are also very boring - they do not even find themselves in overpowering their roles. Nor should I forget to mention that the film contains one of the most boring pool-party scenes I have ever seen.

This is a low budget movie, you should not expect any good quality in its production. But what you will see is one of the most unlikely, most terrible, most disgusting and funniest movies in the long run. In a scene we see a homeless man who is drowning in his own piss - we also see a small child placed in a barbecue, not forgetting all the genitals and boobs that are everywhere and the food cooked by human flesh - Such a lovely steak. The whole movie ends in a single big bloodbath and many scenes are terribly macabre so I believe the biggest budget was evident in the performance of special effects, prostheses and theater blood.

What's most surprising is that Mike always makes caricatures of disabled people. As in 'Deadly Detour' for example, persecuted people gets brutally murdered in the absence of any particular context. In this movie they shows up in screen, looks ridiculous, throws poop on each other and gets slaughtered by Sloppy. The whole movie is based on meaningless events in the absence of a real intrigue, but it is that extremely spontaneous things what makes Sloppy the Psychotic such fun, you never know what to expect.

The film is recommended to those who like disgusting movies that have no ethical and moral perspectives, where the plot is irrelevant and where the performance leaves the audience with a hysterical laugh - One of the funniest movie experiences in the long run.

Sadly, I can finish this review and tell you all that Mike has left the directors chair. His passion for filming disappeared after his short film 'Rabbit Hole' (2015). But with four feature films on his neck, and as many short films, he leaves the directors chair with the honor in reserve. One should never say never, but one day he may return (And I hope so).

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by: Mike O'Mahony
Cinematography by: Mike O'Mahony
Editing by: Rob Nawrocki
Special Effects by: Mike O'Mahony
Music by: James Costa
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Maniac Films


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