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lördag 28 april 2018


Directed by: Gus Trapani
Written by: Gus Trapani
Stars:  Rob Servidone

Country: USA
Style: Slasher | Thriller
Runtime: 1h 32min

Wasn't sure what to expect with Shellmont and was not familiar with the work of Gus Trapani in the least. I can simply say, what a fool I was! I got wind of Shellmont when I noticed a post on my Facebook feed from Norwegian film maker Per-Ingvar Tomren. Tomren directed the insanely violent and amazing holiday shocker Christmas Cruelty. Tomren did the stunning cover art for Shellmont and is also an associate producer. My only question is, how is this incredible indie feature going unnoticed, it should be a huge fan favorite in the underground scene, scooped up and distributed like no ones business.

Trapani also directed some other films such as 'Absolute Zero' and the film that got Tomren's attention 'Bad Vs. Worse'. Of course after seeing Shellmont I definitely need to check out more of Trapani's work. Shellmont is an indie film that has the chops to absolutely level most similar offerings.

Shellmont is the name of the community all of the gruesome events take place. We are introduced to the local sheriff Billy and his deputy Donnie as they take down a big local drug dealer. I believe the deputy is the sheriff's brother or they are very close to each other it seems. The sheriff's father was once the sheriff of the town years before but now resides as a priest for the local church. Its a small quiet town (except for the occasional murderous drug dealer) but all that is going to change. One day a guy dressed in green coveralls and donning a white and green accented clown mask decides to randomly target households in Shellmont and brutally torture and kill the locals.

This clown killer has one of the most annoying yet terrifying cackles ever, as you'll see if you watch the movie he frequently practices it while getting off on killing and making his victims suffer. This cue ball looking sick monster meat cleavers kids and guns down mommies in cold blood, chainsaws families to bits and gouges out the eyeballs of one poor unfortunate guy then delights in taking Polaroids and cackling when the deed is done. Things get personal when Billy and his deputy get closer on the killers trail until it hits Billy personally. They cannot catch the guy and its never explained who he is or what his motives are.

Shellmont has some wonderful performances from its cast especially for a low budget indie feature, I was highly impressed, the acting is probably some of the best in this type of production I have come across, definitely an element that pivots Shellmont above films of its kind. The performance of Donnie, the deputy sheriff is very impressive and the best in the film for me, he has some great lines and a very cool passionate and honest demeanor that is conveyed. The editing and use of flashback clips just ups the emotinal aspect to the highest level. The gore effects are nasty, especially the splatter chainsaw murder of an entire family as heads are cut off and faces chewed up. It also has some very heartfelt and genuinely sad moments. Shellmont also takes a very cool twist towards the second half which plateaus the first climax which melds into the final confrontation of Sheriff and the clown killer.

Yes, the clown angle has been done to death but the clown premise is not a big element played up here, in fact the killer takes the mask off as much as he wears it in this. Don't let the clown thing deter you from checking out this killer indie horror beast. Great performances, effects and some nice plot twists come together to deliver an amazing film with Shellmont. Gus Trapani is a name you need to add to your indie horror film making radar, Trapani wrote, directed and shot this monster and the man has an eye for gruesome and entertaining story telling.

My rating: 4 out of 5


Produced by: Gus Trapani
Cinematography by: Gus Trapani
Editing by: Gus Trapani
Special Effects by: Jared Balog
Music by: -
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Punk Rock Films


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