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tisdag 3 april 2018


Artist: Ruptured Birth
Released: 2017-05-26
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Runtime: 25:03

Some fresh blistering brutal slam death from Sudbury, Ontario here with a real modern sound and a big crisp and clean production.  It's highly technical and definitely not old school in musicianship because the guitar work is just blazing out of the speakers in such jaw dropping fashion you can't help but smile and hold on for the ride.

There's lots of slowed down slam parts on this one too and the songs run long enough to really get down to the meat of this release especially the song Unnatural Selection which really weaves a nice atmospheric picture of chugging brutality and mid paced mayhem.

CDN records have this release for like $10 which is a steal because you also get the 5 song EP Arachni Supremacy included. Its a ton of tight and brutal slam metal for a give away price.  This release runs well over an hour and has a lot of stand out tracks such as the opener Saprogenic featuring a cool intro of rabies-esque horror and then it goes right into a technical whirlwind arrangement with Strogg.

I love the samples they use on this, it giving their fresh sound an old school touch especially with The Shape which features an intro from the classic The Town That Dreaded Sundown.  Necrotic Terraformation also boasts that iconic Day Of The Dead intro of Rhodes getting himself ripped apart, "Choke on it!".

The only thing Ruptured Birth might be suffering from besides neck and spinal injuries caused due to break neck speeds is lack of originality.  Otherwise i fully dig what they are putting out there with this and highly recommend picking it up.  The sound is definitely not for all old school brutal death metal fans but for those looking for something different. I can definitely see it converting some old schoolers because like I mentioned before it does still have some of those sensibilities firmly planted in there.

Transmutant features some sick artwork of a woman who looks like she might have just been raped by this crazy monster and its babies and the alien grotesque thing are ripping her to shreds.  The band are still active and touring and have merchandise available so check out the Ruptured Birth Facebook-page. Bandcamp also features Transmutant so you can buy it digitally or sample the tracks before you purchase. Guttural vocals, blistering musicianship, big full sound and crazy breakdown arrangements plus Canadian. Unnerving brutality that is needed in any discriminating brutal/slam/death metal fans collection.


Aaron Cividino - Bass
Cody Bradshaw - Drums
Shane Scovron - Guitars
James Bok - Vocals

Label: CDN Records
Country: Canada



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