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onsdag 18 april 2018


Directed by: Aaron Van Doren
Written by: Aaron Van Doren
Stars:  Aaron Van Doren

Country: Poland
Style: Extreme
Runtime: 60min

Looking at a release in late April of this year (2018) indie extreme fim maker Aaron Von Doren returns with a follow up to 'The Doll Fucking Movie'. Shot in the same video camcorder style 'Polands Gay Shocker' features Aaron and in some instances a friend who partake in some bizarre and degrading behavior. I think what makes Aaron intriguing is his absolutely obscure style, it looks like he has put himself out there despite the straitlaced attitude of his homeland country he seems to despise.

The movie plays out as a memoir featuring the rituals Aaron inflicts on himself and his friend. At the beginning a thin metal cross in inserted in a mans rectum repeatedly as he moans uncontrollably. What makes it all the more disturbing is that its real, no special effects were used in this scene . There are countless scenes of male nudity so if this offends you then you definitely need to steer clear of this one hence the title.

Aaron urinates on his male muse, toys with him in numerous scene by rubbing and trying to insert objects into his rectum such as a hammer. Limited dialogue in this one as well, we hear Aaron looking at a monument, obviously something symbolic to Poland and remarking "fag", the same goes for when hes looking at pictures of baby abortions online or at a bestgore website. Aaron masturbates in numerous scenes in this including administering that cross on his own anal cavity.

It's a strange and disturbing film, it serves as more of a memoir than a film with a plot. Aaron also lifts from obvious inspiration in a couple of segments on here. In the titles it says particular scenes are inspired by extreme satanic puke/piss/gore film maker Lucifer Valentine. We get that same cross used for the anal penetrations deep throated by Aaron and his male slave as they force themselves to gag and vomit, hopefully they wiped it off a bit in between uses.

Another segment is said to be inspired by extreme Japanese fetish film maker Daikichi Amano. There is lots of weirdness with snails and slugs crawling over what seems to be Aaron's rectum in painstakingly close up detail. An octopus is played with and fucked, there is lots of dick play with a cigarette lighter and scissors. There are also worms administered on his dick and other fun activities. If your looking for something different then Polands Gay Shocker comes highly recommended.

If you have seen 'The Doll Fucking Movie' you know what to expect here and if you haven't you might still be able to snag a copy somehow if you contact Aaron or Toxic Filth Video. I saw 'The Doll Fucking Movie' so I guess I was a sucker for punishment. Regardless, Aaron is cool for letting me see this before he releases it so if your into extreme underground weirdness Polands Gay Shocker might be something you'll want to check out.

My rating: 3 out of 5


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