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söndag 8 april 2018

PIETY (2017)

Directed by: Jack Mulvanerty
Written by: Jack Mulvanerty, Henry Crane, Johnny Dickie
Stars: Henry Crane, Johnny Dickie, Jack Mulvanerty... read more

Country: USA
Style: Short
Runtime: 28 min

Piety is an impressive early effort from Jack Mulvanerty. Super bleak and dismal, it plays out like a nightmare, similar to Nico B.’s PIG and other similarly transgressive types of work. More than a run of the mill horror film. There’s definitely a horror film vibe to it, but to call it a horror film would be selling it short. It deserves more than that.

Abrasive and violent in both tone and content, Mulvanerty, though inexperienced as a filmmaker at the time, didn’t miss the mark as far as constructing a brutally pissed off and hyper aggressive short goes.

Clocking in at just under 28 minutes, Piety doesn't waste any time getting to the point. I guess it’s hard to really explain what the film is about, so I’ll give you a run down of some of what goes on.

Overflowing with religious imagery, the film starts out with the main character, head bound, crawling out of a tunnel in the woods. It then cuts to him and Dickie confined to some sort of cell. Most of the film takes place in the cell. The cell is also where Dickie eventually ends up getting shanked to death. New cell mates are introduced, violence ensues. People come into the cell to assault the main character. The cell is a bad place to be.

The film is packed with hallucinations and flashbacks. There’s some real(istic?) self mutilation, miserable boyfriend girlfriend stuff that results in murder and disembowelment, a head smash, a bathtub suicide, and a ton of bizarre, dreamlike imagery. It really is packed to the brim with action and it doesn’t stop.

I can’t stress how well this was shot. It almost feels like no budget Lars Von Trier film at times. Right off the bat I got an 'Antichrist' vibe. It also felt like 'Green Elephant' at times as well, but that very well could’ve been because of all of the time spent in the cell.

Also co-directed by JohnnySlaughter TalesDickie, Piety shows a lot of progress from Dickie’s early work. It’s much darker and doesn’t feel as drawn out. Dickie also contributed special fx, which show great progress from a lot of the films that he’s contributed to and appears in the film. His character seems to serve as comic relief, which breaks up a lot of the tension. And let me tell you. There’s a lot of tension.

All in all, Piety is well worth the half hour you’ll spend watching it. It’s extremely heavy content wise and is definitely a downer. Don’t expect cheap scares and splatter style gore out of this one. It’s more shocking than it is violent. But it definitely doesn’t lack violence.

Also, check out Jack’s band MUTILATE for a dose of breakdown heavy slammy toughguy beatdown that is definitely better than most other breakdown heavy slammy toughguy beatdown. The vocals make me want to take a time machine back to 2004 and listen to antsy anxious sounding MySpace “grindcore” that is actually mathcore for deathcore fans. This is a positive review, I swear. There you go, I should review bands too. Shoot me your demos.


Produced by: Jack Mulvanerty
Cinematography by: Johnny Dickie, Jack Mulvanerty
Editing by: Johnny Dickie
Special Effects by: Johnny Dickie, Jack Mulvanerty
Music by: Jack Mulvanerty, Ryan Mulvanerty
Language: English
Color: Black & white | Color

DistributorUndead Video Productions


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