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fredag 6 april 2018


Directed by: Alyce Wittenstein
Written by: Alyce Wittenstein, Steve Ostringer
Stars:  Holly Adams, Michael J. Anderson, Stephen C. Bird... read more

Country: USA
Style: Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Short
Runtime: 44 min

This is one of the greatest underground films to crawl out of the tail end of the 80’s. Awesome futuristic feel. Or what people in the 50’s and 60’s would’ve assumed that the future would feel like. Mixed with an interesting new wave/no wave vibe. Like an episode of the Twilight Zone on a coke binge. Man, they really knocked it out of the park here look wise. Down to the spiral transitions between scenes.

This was so well done. All of the sets look like they fell out of Nick At Nite. There’s a fucking space ship. A real one. They’re way too extravagant for something as “punk” as this. While Kern and Zedd were making aggressively low budget films on their own, this shit was going on and Zedd ended up in it. The cinematography was so impressive. Everything about this was above and beyond. It had a cool polished feel to it while still maintaining the transgressive edge that makes these films what they are.

Holly Adams is the babeliest babe I ever did see. Other than her, there’s a cool slew of familiar faces and some faces I had never seen before. Nick Zedd is in there, Christian Gore, Taylor Mead, Michael J Anderson. An interesting group of people. But everyone was great.

Nick Zedd specifically plays a great character. He’s not a great actor. But his character and his look are really, really cool. This might even be his best role as far as pulling out his acting chops.

So it had this Flash Gordon science fiction thing going on, which I couldn’t tell whether or not it was a spoof or riff on the 60’s science fiction stuff or an homage, but either way it worked. The world is run by this big conglomerate called LaFont Corporation. They use machines to keep the citizens in line and anyone who is considered a troublemaker gets exiled to another manmade(?) planet owned by LaFont Corporation called Nova Terra. Which is this beautiful planet full of flowers and animals. Earth is dismal and colorless. Shit hits the fan when Nova Terra starts dragging Earth off of its axis and onto a collision course with itself. So the LaFont people decide to destroy Nova Terra with all of the people on it. Nick Zedd decides to take a stand. And do some Nick Zedd karate moves that would make Jim VanBebber wet. So take all of that in... and let me remind you that this is an underground film from the late 80’s.

Theres definitely points where it gets sort of experimental. Some of the costumes are interesting and seem scrapped together. But it works and isn’t distracting or anything. They almost look like extras from Michael Jackson videos might wear them. There’s a part where Nick Zedd is getting excommunicated and it gets really artsy. There’s a lot of lighting tricks and stuff with mirrors. Maybe back then it was cutting edge. But it just comes off as artsy here.

When Zedd gets to Nova Terra or Terra Nova or whatever it’s called, they pull a Wizard of Oz and the film goes from black and white to color. They chose some really cool places to film, there’s lots of flowers and the architecture is strange and “futuristic.” They did a really good job.

All in all, this was pretty close to flawless as far as my standards go. A lot of the cast over acted in a hokey way that added to the film, Nick Zedd just acted like Nick Zedd and I only felt like it was “off” when he was on screen. This was really masterfully crafted. If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

I keep going back to feeling like I want to marry 1989 Holly Adams, man. It’s bad. This is the most brutal celebrity crush I’ve had in a long time.


Produced by: Alyce Wittenstein
Cinematography by: Paul Holahan, John Rosnell
Editing by: Dena Seidel
Special Effects by: Steve Ostringer
Music by: D. Lee
Language: English
Color: Black & white | Color

Distributor: Subatomic Productions


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