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onsdag 11 april 2018


Directed by: Jim Van Bebber
Written by: Jim Van Bebber
Stars:  Jim Van Bebber, Terek Puckett, Alydra Kelly... read more

Country: USA
Style: Crime | Short
Runtime: 19 min

The man behind the controversial movie 'The Manson Family' (1997) has been a well-structured director since the 80's. After his debut movie 'Deadbeat At Dawn' (1988), Jim Van Bebber made this possibly less famous short film which revolves around the true story of Ricky Kasso, a guy who performed a terrible murder and was sentenced to imprisonment. Behind the grid he finally committed suicide by hanging.

Ricky Casland (Jim Van Bebber) is in prison. Flashbacks and discussions with friends traces his degeneration in drugs and devil worship culminating in the crime that put him behind bars. The actions chase him into the least degree that he decides to commit suicide.

The movie has a few years on the neck, but it never ages. What mostly works out with My Sweet Satan is that it takes a multitude of perspectives and casts comments on everyone involved. There is enough room for the viewer to decide who to beat, everyone in the gang is irrelevant to the event itself. This is also such a movie that makes me wonder why this kind of things really happens. These group of youngsters are so miserably depicted and estimated as lost people and I don't think they really promoted the devil, because the last sentence Ricky's friend says in prison is so underlined. The infamous end is very worrying and graphic - the entire story is full of violent imagery with true piercings, blood and terror, but the last murder is the worst one.

This short film has some very interesting features, not just because of its soundtrack which consists of different metal bands - but also its menacing soundscapes and these sighs that creates a very damaging atmosphere - a sense of pure evil. Even different types of camera angles compose the atmosphere and the movie in whole is very much about elements and visual effects.

I think such of movies are important in the simple sense that this crap actually exists out there in our reality and this movie shows facts and brings questions without moralizing. I liked My Sweet Satan, but not for the sake of violence, nor for the music, but mainly for the true image of life. This is a very strong movie which I think everyone should give a chance - Let it be tough and let the emotion reminds you that reality isn't always fair.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


Produced by: M.M. Jones, Jim Van Bebber, Michael Zengel
Cinematography by: Mike King
Editing by: Jim Van Bebber
Special Effects by: Sherri Rickman
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorSynapse Films


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