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måndag 16 april 2018


Directed by: Robert Morgan
Written by: Robert Morgan
Stars: Jack Daly, Jessica Ashworth, Samantha Lynch... read more

Country: UK
Style: Short
Runtime: 17 min

I'm continuing my quest to check out everything made by director Robert Morgan.

A strange little boy with a snotty sister spends his time doing things to annoy her and their mother. He watches the television extremely loud, dismantles all of their tampons, fidgets with his gnarly eczema hands at dinner. He’s just a turd in general. He finds a severed duck head in his back yard and puts it in the now empty tampon box to surprise his sister. This turns into a brawl. She promises to kill him in his sleep. He starts hallucinating. A lot of severed duck heads, a strange masked killer who kills his family, and a nude older woman who dies too. Might’ve been their mother. I couldn’t tell. He gets up and leaves in the middle of the night, his sister notices him missing and goes looking for him. When she finds him, he’s in the neighbors yard, where he killed one of their pet rabbits with a brick. She helps him bury it. Strange brother sister bonding moment. The end.

I guess the titular monsters were the kids themselves. That's heavy, man. This packed a really misanthropic tone that was surprising to me. Morgan's stuff, from what I've seen has all been really moody and dismal, but this one was actually dark and mean.

Everything about it was pretty good. The kids were really talented and Morgan is a great filmmaker in general. I was worried when I realized it was live-action because the other live action Morgan short I watched was trash. But this was great. No real complaints.


Produced by: Sylvie Bringas
Cinematography by: Marcus Waterloo
Editing by: Nicolas Chaudeurge
Special Effects by: Robert Morgan
Music by: Tara Creme
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorChannel 4


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