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lördag 7 april 2018


Directed by: Robert Morgan
Written by: Robert Morgan
Stars: Robin King, Adam McLean

Country: UK
Style: Animation | Short
Runtime: 3 min

This is what it’s all about. Robert Morgan is probably one of the best stop motion animators making films today. He’s been churning out bizarre and depraved little films for almost twenty five years now and for the most part they’ve all been pretty on point.

Invocation, though among his shortest pieces of work, is his stand out film to me. It’s got everything a horror film needs to be successful. Creatures, atmosphere, gore, all packed into just over three minutes.

The basic plot is that a stop motion animator is making a film about a teddy bear. While loading film into his camera, he pricks himself and bleeds into it. Unbeknownst to him, his camera is basically an evil womb, triggered by his own blood, it creates an evil version of whatever its filming. In this case, the bear. The more he shoots, the more it gestates, eventually birthing this bear creature. The creature rapidly grows to a full sized monster that ends up mauling the animator. The camera rolls on the mauling and births a creature version of the animator. The end.

Morgan said that the film was made as a sort of cautionary tale about the dangers of stop motion animation, so from that I sort of gathered that maybe the events that took place in the short are a never ending cycle and every time animator does another film, the (subject of the) project kills him a little more (figuratively) and he comes out of the end of each project a worse and worse version of himself.

That could just be speculation on my part, but that’s the meaning that I gathered from this extremely brief short with no dialog at all.

For a low budget stop motion film, this is done extremely well. The creatures are crude looking, but if you’ve seen any of Morgan’s other films you can tell that his work progresses with every project and the creatures themselves are going through an almost never ending evolution. It’s exciting to anticipate what’s coming next from him.

As of today I’ve seen every Morgan film I could get my hands on and I think Invocation is the best example of his capabilities. Out of the eleven films I’ve seen credited to him, there’s only been one that I genuinely didn’t enjoy (the “48 Hour Challenge” partially live action short film Over Taken) and one that I haven’t been able to track down easily (the Basket Case inspired Belial’s Dream), but everything else has been a homerun. Even the more primitive and crude 90’s films that he worked on.

Check this film out on Robert Morgan’s YouTube channel, along with most of his other films.


Produced by: Robert Morgan
Cinematography by: Marcus Waterloo
Editing by: Robert Morgan
Special Effects by: Robert Morgan
Music by: Mark Ashworth
Language: English
Color: Color

DistributorChannel 4


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