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lördag 14 april 2018


Directed by: Richard Kern
Written by: Richard Kern
Stars: Tom Turner, Amy Turner, Bob

Country: USA
Style: Arthouse | Short
Runtime: 11min

Tommy Turner stars alongside Amy Turner in this short that wraps up the 'Manhattan Love Suicides' collection.

It opens with the pair having a preeeetty violent sexual experience that ends with Tommy standing up and leaving the room as Amy slithers around looking for a cigarette. There’s an awesome shot of Amy blowing out the match she lit. She gets out of bed to make some scrambled eggs while Tommy lifts some weights. When Tommy sits down to eat his eggs it’s revealed that he’s horribly disfigured. He gets up to run a drug deal and Amy stays at home tidying up and ironing clothes. She finds a picture of him from before he was disfigured and gets visibly bummed.

So she mushes the iron into her own face to disfigure herself too. Good girlfriend, Amy. He eventually gets home and is greeted by his newly disfigured girlfriend. He’s not excited about this, and he shows it by rejecting her advances and trashing the apartment. Bummed out now himself, Tommy loads his barbell to maximum capacity and drops the fucker on his throat. Amy watches in horror, unable to lift it. She fills a frying pan with something flammable, gets naked, ignites it and traipses around in the flames. Burning to death. There’s your Manhattan Love Suicides. The end.

I Hate You Now was good in the way that 'Stray Dogs' was good. It was extremely ambitious and had interesting special effects. The story was kind of spotty, but definitely fun. It was mostly silent but had a few lines that were dubbed in. It had music by Wiseblood and SPK and that really carried it.

All in all, this was probably my second favorite short in the collection and definitely something that you should seek out if you’re into cinema of transgression or low budget horror.


Produced by: Richard Kern
Cinematography by: Richard Kern
Editing by: Richard Kern
Special Effects by: Richard Kern
Music by: Wiseblood, SPK
Language: English
Color: Black & white

DistributorRaro Video


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