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torsdag 26 april 2018


Directed by: Omar Khan
Written by: Omar Khan, Pete Tombs
Stars:  Kunwar Ali Roshan, Rooshanie Ejaz, Rubya Chaudhry... read more

Country: Pakistan | UK
Style: Slasher
Runtime: 1h 17min

Hell's Ground is said to be Pakistan's first gore film - if one can say so? I would probably prefer to call it a slasher parody. They flirt uncontrollably with Tobe Hooper 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (1974) and bit-wise also use small fragments from George A. Romero's zombie classic and enter these genres together with Eli Roth's new era of horror. This is so badly performed just like any Lollywood production at any time, without reference to the experience of technical foregrounds.

Five young people are on their way to a rock concert but get lost in the countryside. Surrounded by woodlands they soon find that they aren't alone - among the trees they find crawling and man-eating zombies, but the nightmare has just begun. When a terrifying figure in a blood drenched burqa pops up with a Morning Star (spiked mace) in his hands, the young people finally realizing that not even prayers can save them!

Horror movies isn't a broad form of genre in Pakistan and their small world of Lollywood Productions. Their first horror movie was 'Dracula in Pakistan' (1967) directed by Khwaja Sarfraz, and thereafter you didn't heard of anything until Syed Noor's 'Billi' from 2000. Okey, there was a Sci-Fi movie namned 'Shanee' from 1989, but I don't wanna count that in as a full-fledge horror movie.

So, Hell's Ground might seem like a whole new thing in Pakistan. Okey, fun for them to finally get some gore movies and I'm united that all continents of the world shall have fun with such terms. But to my great disappointment, I can start out with the negative values; My main excuse is that they have chosen to use English language, It takes away some of the oriental nationality in the entire film, and yes please, don't judge me, they use to speak english in large parts of south asia, but It would have been so cool to hear them speak the language of Urdu all the time. But I suppose the team would reach out internationally and it's a typical slope to adapt to the world here in west.

The performance by the young protagonists are neither nothing to discuss, but one thing director Omar Khan has done very well is that he used a true atmosphere of discomfort. He's also responsible for all the level of violence and special-FX in Hell's Ground, so Gorehounds will not have much to complain about here. Since it also seems that the director has kept the focus on its own energy, he has also made a wise decision to keep the runtime reasonably short!

On the whole I think Hell's Ground is a bad movie, and it's certainly not original. We do recognize everything from earlier traditional classics, but what makes it unique is that it flirts with all kind of timeless classics and they try to do something own and horizontal of it. This is a very inexpensive movie and you can't count on good lighting and sound technology, nor any good editing. But the thing that captures the entire film is the environment, the music selection composed by Stephen Thrower and the violent character that has replaced Leatherface with Moula Jatt!

A concise conclusion; If you like parodies where you can analyze small fragments and similarities from cultured films classics, this is a recommendation. But it basically reverses everything that has already been done before, the only thing that separates the movie is the fact that it's recorded in Pakistan, and I think it's the whole thing that has given the film such a reputation.

Hell's Ground was Omar Khan's debut and sadly he has not made any more movies after this. It's probably a matter of time before he shows up again, but it was eleven years ago since this title had its premiere, so I'm very doubtful if he returns to the movie industry again.

My rating: 2.5 out of 5


Produced by: Omar Khan, Andrew Starke, Pete Tombs
Cinematography by: Najaf Bilgrami
Editing by: Andrew Starke
Special Effects by: Omar Khan
Music by: Stephen Thrower
Language: English | Urdu
Color: Color

DistributorTLA Releasing


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