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lördag 21 april 2018


Artist: Fumigation | The Path to R'lyeh
Released: 2017-04-28
Style: Death Metal | Technical Death Metal
Runtime: 26:10

Crushing riffs, crazy technical breakdowns and a fetish for insect and bug ridden themed song lyrics. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's Fumigation are definitely wallowing in their own niche of demonic insect technical slam death metal and this monstrous split release on CDN Records with Quebec's Path To R'lyeh etches that shit in solid unbreakable stone.

Hold onto your nutsacks (or hanging clits if your female) because Fumigation are here to mesmerize you with their mind numbing technical arrangements that are not only outstanding and intricate but severely crush with bottom dwelling heaviness.

The opener from Fumigation which is titled 'Arachnophobia' with the lyrical content alone had me smiling because its actually an anti-Spider man song. The lyrics express the disdain for the arachnid superhero all the while delivering unbridled mayhem upon the listener. Then it swings into high technical prowess with 'Forced Vaginal Harbourage' followed by the humorous 'King Of The Hill' intro for 'Earwigs and Earwax' and finally ends with the crushing 'A Beard Full Of Maggots' as a satirical tribute to Cannibal Corpses "A Skull Full Of Maggots" from their debutalbum "Eaten Back To Life" from 1990.

Fumigation's four tracks leave me wanting more and especially wanting a full length.  This is quality material with big crisp production and a hunger to destroy, it always stays fresh and the songs take many different paths which always keeps me entertained.  Having such a powerful female vocalist such as Jay Donnelly  also sweetens the pot and when I first listened to the teaser track for Arachnophobia on YouTube I had no idea, just another wicked surprise the band had in store.  I'm hoping for more material, in the meantime I'm going to check out their debut release from 2013 titled Integrated Pest Management and keep spinning this intense split.

The other band on this split is the impressive and unrelenting Path To R'lyeh from Quebec, Canada. Their style is more of an H.P. Lovecraft inspired death/thrash sound leaning towards more traditional arrangements which is never a bad thing.  I notice they use a drum machine on this split as I was told by a Fumigation member that they had some drummer issues (They used it by choice so they could have a demo out there with minimal financial impact.)  

The programmed drums don't ruin anything as they are kept blasting nonstop throughout the four tracks like an inhuman beating.  The four tracks are high energy old school style death with guttural growling style vocals with an occasional high pitch scorcher of a scream thrown in for good measure.

Path To R'lyeh also slow down a couple times especially in the opener Dream Eater with some impressive bass work and the musicianship on all songs is technical and so blazing fast.  You can't catch your breath on any of the tracks for the most part, these guys deliver a dose of intense neck ripping music.  I recommend picking up this split because it just delivers on speed, technical aspects, intense song arrangements and everything on all accounts.  Its a solid split which will wet your appetite for the styles both impressive bands have to offer.


Mat Desjardins - Drums
Jay Donnelly - Vocals
Tom Hansen - Guitar
Chris Humeniuk - Bass
Matt MacIvor - Guitar

Alain Harrison Cloutier - Guitar
Yan Chatel - Vocals
Milann Vaidya - Drums
Jonathan Latimore Desabrais - Guitar

Country: Canada

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The Path to R'lyeh
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