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torsdag 19 april 2018


Directed by: Mike O'Mahony
Written by: Andrew Hall, Mike O'Mahony
Stars:  James Costa, Corinne Liz, Jon Owens... read more

Country: USA
Style: Comedy | Slasher
Runtime: 1h 15min

In director Mike O'Mahony's feature debut Deadly Detour from 2011 we get acquainted with some adult youngsters who are ruthlessly slaughtered in the woods in Maryland. Our killer is a goat-shaped person who reminds me of the character Sloth in Richard Donner's adventure movie 'The Goonies' (1985). The first obvious murder of the introduction is actually quite effective and I became very fond of the gore effects. But when the movie is turned into an hour long sleeping pill, it just became too much.

The movie begins when two cars crowded with friends are heading to Florida for alcohol, sex, drugs and rock'n roll, they soon begin to encounter engine problems in rural areas. Soon a downward spiral begins in unthinkable and abominable acts of killing and corruption. One after another meets something in the forest - an abomination of nature and science. These friends wanted to experience a journey they would never forget and that's exactly what they get when their journey turns into a deadly detour.

It's not new that optimum slasher movies are lengthy before things start happening for real, but a movie from 2011 should have invited something new and let the murder escalate throughout the whole film. What has managed to save these sixty minutes is that they've thrown some spontaneous humor sequences, like a scene when a man with down syndrome sits and eats on his own turd, or in the woods when a red-haired man hits a seven and it appears that his pubic hair consists of the same flame-colored color as his hair on the head only to show that he really is a ginger, but I can not ignore the fact that it's fun at times. When the movie finally starts, it offers on very juicy scenes though. One scene is crazier than the other and then it goes out, it becomes more intense and exaggerated; really nasty, politically incorrect and very bizarre!

To speak of sound and light-settings, there is not much to cheer for. This is an low-budget independet slasher and you simply have to take the production for what it is. The actors perform is at least better than many other similar movies - apart from the fact that I wanted to cut the throat on a female character, which unfortunately has the ability to survive this shit. And no, I don't say who!

I can't say if it's Mike himself who made the music-score for the movie since it doesn't appear in the credits, but there's plenty of Metal music in this one, similar to Dying Fetus and such stuff and that's cool.

If we talk about the cover-art, it's very misleading. We think we'll see a giant goat man, but when you finally get the opportunity to see the horrible monster who performed the bestial murders it's of pure disappointment. I described his appearance as Sloth from The Goonies, but it is impossible to resist comparing him with a tiny version of Victor Crowley as well. In addition to the notorious Maryland murders I think also much of this production has been inspired by 'Hatchet' (2006), more or less.

To complete this review, I finally acknowledge that if you like lengthy slasher movies with a very sick and twisted content, then Deadly Detour is the obvious choice for you. It contains bad actors, a lot of nude sex, drugs, violence, vomit and pee & poop humor. I do not regret for a second of seeing the movie, but I wish they filled out the forty minutes that lacked violent contents.

I'm not very familiar with Mike O'Mahony' and the rest of his filmography, but I will give some more of his titles a review within a time, that's for sure.

My rating: 2 out of 5


Produced by: Mike O'Mahony
Cinematography by: Mike O'Mahony
Editing by: Rob Nawrocki
Special Effects by: Julie Ann Hamolko, Mike O'Mahony
Music by: -
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Maniac Films


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