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måndag 2 april 2018


Directed by: Nick Godwin
Written by: none
Stars: Ricky Rodriguez, David Berg, Don Irwin... read more

Country: UK
Style: Documentary
Runtime: 48 min

I've spent the past 24 hours reading everything I can about The Children Of God and Rick Rodriguez. I've found myself in places online that I felt might be the “wrong” part of the internet. I've seen some shit that I think might be unseeable.

This shit was brutal. It was the most miserable documentary I’ve seen in a very long time.

Apparently made for British TV (that’s a guess), Cult Killer tells the story of Rick Rodriguez, or Davidito as his former cult family dubbed him. The adopted son of leader and founder of the Children Of God, David Berg, the biological son of Berg’s eventual successor and favorite prostitute along with her favorite John, Rick Rodriguez was subjected to sexual abuse so excessive and extreme that the Children Of God would publish a 700+ page long book detailing it and other aspects of his life as their messiah.

The entire cult was based around free sex, and all of the adult women in the cult had sex with Rick. He lived with the cult and was celebrated by them until he was a young adult, when he fled with a friend who would eventually become his wife. They eventually moved to America to start over in Washington among other former children of the cult. Now surrounded by jaded and dejected adults who were abused like he was, he began to become “the answer to all of their problems” again. He was Davidito. He was their child king at one point.

If anyone could help bring down the cult that they had all was him. It was a weird circle of events, he was conceived for the cult and he would die for the cult. Rick left his wife in Washington and drove down to California where the cult was still operating. He baited his former nanny to an apartment he was renting to demand the location of his mother who was now the leader since Berg passed away. While in his apartment, Rodriguez stabbed his former nanny to death. After doing this he got into his car and drove around until he eventually found a place to park and shoot himself.

Rick called his wife after he executed his nanny and said that he didn't care if she had answered him about where his mother was. He wanted to kill her. The police said that they don't know if she actually told him where his mother was or not and there’s no way to find out. Because he and the nanny both died.

The documentary was put together from several sources. There was interviews with Rick’s wife, with his sister, friends, former members of the cult, there was excerpts from the book that they published about Rick’s sexual abuse, there was home video that Rick recorded himself shortly before he jumped on the murder-suicide train. It was so well put together and informative.

All in all, the subject matter is miserable. It’s not one of those quirky documentaries that I love. It’s a total downer and it will ruin your day. Don’t get sucked too deep into researching it either. It’s a real rugged rabbit hole.


Produced by: Martin Durkin, Nick Godwin, Sorrel May
Cinematography by: Steve Robinson
Editing by: Paul van Dyck
Special Effects by: None
Music by: Daniel Pemberton
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Channel Four Television


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