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fredag 6 april 2018


Directed by: Joe Christ
Written by: Joe Christ
Stars:  Joe Christ, Margaret Petrov, Nanzi Regalia

Country: USA
Style: Comedy | Short
Runtime: 15 min

Joe Christ occupied a whole different plane of existence than any other filmmaker and this film was proof.

This was the meanest piece of garbage I’ve ever experienced. Fifteen minutes of ignorant, insult to injury. Reminded me of Pink Flamingos, if it were made by a someone who was mad at the world.

A paralyzed, bed ridden creature of a woman spends her days being abused by her caretaker. The caretaker, obviously in the wrong line of work, eventually gets sick of how needy a paralyzed person can be. So she quits. The woman takes out a classified ad and hires another caretaker played by Joe Christ. Christ schmoozes his way into the ladies heart but things go awry when he inverts the cross above her bed, decorates her room with Hitler statues, and starts molesting her. And man, when I say molest, I mean fists her until his hand is covered in blood, which he licks off in front of her. He continues to rape and emotionally torture the poor lady. It ends with him gagging her and her dying. Rip.

The initial molestation scene was brutal. Her cries and pleas for him to stop were intense. It was uncomfortable.

This is absolutely bottom of the barrel filmmaking. Christ was an animal and he took the Cinema Of Transgression genre to a new low with this one. This fucker will make you feel gross.


Produced by: Joe Christ
Cinematography by: Joe Christ
Editing by: Joe Christ
Special Effects by: Joe Christ
Music by: Joe Christ
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: -


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