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tisdag 3 april 2018


Directed by: Gaby Monet
Written by: -None-
Stars: Joel Craiger, Ken Magid, Beth Thomas

Country: USA
Style: Documentary | Short
Runtime: 27 min

Child Of Rage has been floating around forever. Maybe even the one to pave the way for all of the “woah, kids are fucking scary” Jenny Jones(etc) segments. It’s a cross examination by some sort of therapist and the parents.

Beth Thomas is an adorable little girl. She was adopted by a minister and his wife when she was a little over a year old along with her little brother under the guise that they were both normal kids. This sounds like the plot to a horror film already.

Beth and her little brother, John, were both abused by their biological parents. Sexually, physically and emotionally. This resulted in Beth being in-fucking-sane. Violently. She casually speaks of her father touching her vagina until it bled, wanting to murder her little brother and adoptive parents, jabbing people with “pens” or “pins” (darn southern accents).

She talks about pinching, squeezing and kicking her little brothers penis to “hurt him a lot,” and how she would like to do it to other boys. She talks about masturbating every day until her vagina is irritated enough for her to have to see a doctor. Her mother points out that the times and places that Beth chooses to masturbate are innapropriate.

She talks about killing small animals and how she doesn’t really care about them. Beth doesn’t really seem proud or happy about the things that she does, she’s just casual. Nonchalant. She really just doesn’t care.

Beth’s mother says that she catches her hoarding knives from the kitchen. Beth admits that her intent with the knives was to kill her family. She also speaks about smashing her brothers head into a concrete floor and how she couldn’t stop doing it.

They end up dumping cute little Beth off at a camp for crazy kids that is supposed to break her of her sinister ways. Beth definitely gets better. They show her interacting with animals, singing in her church choir and learning Bible stuff. She’s still a creepy little creature. But it definitely seems like they helped her.

In the end her eyes are weird and empty and a lot of what she’s saying seems coached or guided. But she breaks down and cries, which shows that she’s not void of all emotions like you start to assume based on her behavior. And how she casually talks about destroying her family... I wonder where she is now.

(Update: I asked Google and Beth grew up to be a babe nurse who apparently is doing well, good for you, Beth.)

With the parents being church people(a minister) and this being from the late 80’s/early 90’s, I expected this to be religious bullshit, but it really wasn’t. The narrator is no bullshit, all business. Super ominous voice. Sounds like he’s moonlighting from his job narrating Unsolved Mysteries. Kids are so fucking sketchy, man. I hate them so much.


Produced by: Anne H. Cohn, Dalton Delan, Gaby Monet
Cinematography by: -
Editing by: Arthur Ginsberg
Special Effects by: None
Music by: -
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: KM Productions


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