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onsdag 4 april 2018


Directed by: Larry Peerce
Written by: Phil Penningroth, Suzette Couture
Stars: Mel Harris, Dwight Schultz, Ashley Peldon... read more

Country: USA
Style: Drama | Mystery
Runtime: 1h 34 min

Yuck. So, Snot Face from Drop Dead Fred stars in this as the dramaticized Beth Thomas: Child Of Rage. She’s a sinister little toad creature who is both less menacing than the actual Beth Thomas, but a lot more evil than the actual Beth Thomas.

They took this really depressing story about a really depressing situation and decided that it wasn’t enough for their prime time audiences, so they fluffed it up and made Snot Face come off as a cross between The Bad Seed and The Omen. It was dealt with in such a weird and exploitive way that I found myself forgetting that it was an actual thing.

I love exploitation films. I love exploitive films. I love the idea of exploiting things for film. But man, this was just no good. As a stand-alone film that could be considered loosely based on Beth Thomas’ story, this would’ve been cool. As a film that was supposed to be based on Beth Thomas’ story it was just bad all around. If that makes sense.

I’m wondering if they were just like “man, that little girl is fuuuuuucked, she’s going to depress our target audience! We better add a little bit of ridiculous into this fucker to keep these simpletons into it.”

There’s plenty of other films out there about equally depressing things that the filmmakers took seriously. I bet if this was made for Lifetime it would’ve been better. I should’ve known what to expect when I saw the Republic Home Video logo and a trailer for fucking 'Witch Board 2' at the beginning.

Anyway. If you want to be entertained, check it out. If you want to learn something, just save the hour and a half or whatever and watch the documentary. I guess I really can’t be that butt hurt about this. It is a made for TV movie by a dude who made actual exploitation style films in the 60’s and 70’s. What should I have expected...


Produced by: Connie Brescher, Chuck McLain, Charles Morales, David A. Shepherd, Christy Welker
Cinematography by: Tony Imi
Editing by: Susan B. Browdy
Special Effects by: -
Music by: Gerald Gouriet
Language: English
Color: Color



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