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söndag 29 april 2018


This is an Interview with U.S. Indie gore film making champion, black metal worshipping and Morbid Visions Films guru Brian Paulin, written by Richard Taylor.


Richard Taylor:
What film of yours is your favorite besides the upcoming 'Septic' and why?

Brian Paulin:
  - 'Cryptic Plasm' has become my favorite movie that I've done because it contains a lot of subject matter that I am fascinated with. From wormholes to hauntings to comic entities. I am also very proud of the finale we pulled off in that. Plus it gave me a chance to do something H.P. Lovecraft inspired.

What film makers and films inspired you to make your own brand of unapologetic gore movies?

  - John Carpenter is my favorite director. But when it comes to gore my first influences were the dead films of George Romero and the special make-up effects of Tom Savini. When I first watched the Fangoria video 'Scream Greats vol. 1 Tom Savini', I was blown away and became obsessed with wanting to learn how to do make-up effects and to start making short movies. Then after that Lucio Fulci's films had a huge impact on me as well as the insane gore films from Japan like the Guinea Pig series.

Name a crazy incident/event that occurred while filming one of your movies?

  - One of the craziest things that happened was when it came to film the extra gore for the Unearthed Films version of 'Bone Sickness'. Rich George and I knew we had to add more worm scenes after Rich's worm vomit went over so well in the original version. So I bought more worms but the first film shoot had to be cancelled for some reason so we re scheduled for the following Saturday. The night comes and I grab the container of worms from the refrigerator and I discover they had all died. It was too late to go out and buy more so I ask Rich, what do you want to do? He said "fuck it, lets get it done!" So we went on with the new worm scenes. But this time we were vomiting up dead, hardening worms that were secreting this slimy mucus. We kept washing them off and hoped they wouldn't make us sick! Which they didn't and we got the scene filmed and found out what it was like to have a mouth full of dead rotting worms.

Black metal music is one of your first loves besides making indie horror cinema, what are your favorite black metal bands/albums and some of your favorite non black albums/releases.

  - Black metal is one of the most important things in my life right now. Bathory has always been my all time favorite band. I think their album 'The Return of the Darkness & Evil' (1985) is one of the most evil sounding albums ever recorded. Some of my other favorite bands include Sargeist, Behexen, Funeral Mist, Marduk, Immortal. And some other classic metal bands I've always been a fan of are W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, Possessed, Celtic Frost and classic Kiss.

Your band Syoth, what does the future hold for this project? I know you have released a demo CD so will there be an upcoming full length or EP-release of new material?

  - Yes I am in the middle of recording the new full length cd now. I have almost all the guitars recorded and then I will record the drums and vocals. The full length will have seven new songs on it. And after that I have enough songs ready to be recorded for a second cd. So I plan to release plenty of material for Syoth over the next couple of years.

Despite the level of high technical merit your special effects make up possesses you still remain humble and a working man's gore movie creator. Would you love to break out and make these types of films for a living? Or are you content with where you are with your craft?

  - It would be great to be able to make a living from making these movies. But it takes me far too long to complete one film which makes it impossible to sustain a profitable business. And my fear about gaining funding through someone would be that I would have to compromise much of the time it takes to create all of the effects sequences we have become known for. I don't see investors being willing to sit back for two years while we spend an entire six months shooting just the finale effects scenes. I am content with the way it works right now because it's still fun and I am free to make sure we deliver what people expect to see from a Morbid Vision Films movie.

Your films are so gory and over the top the term hypergore has been coined to describe them. Do you take pride in the fact your films are some of the goriest in the world?

  - I am damn proud of the reputation we have achieved! And it is a great feeling to see 'Bone Sickness' continuously show up in the top 5 or 3 goriest movies of all time lists. It's a fun challenge to figure out on each new movie how to top the previous one. There is so much gore and nastiness in store for people when they finally get to see 'Septic'.

Have you ever just wanted to give up on making your films due to particular challenges and obstacles. What words of inspiration do you have to give those who are struggling to make their low budget gore movies happen?

  - I've wanted to give up many times. It's the business side that usually cause those feelings. Or should I say the lack of business. But it's far too easy to just give up. It's an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you have a finished movie that you can show people. But even when everything feels lost you have to sit back and take a look at what you have shot and realize, you owe it to the people that have given their time to help you make your movie, to finish it.

What is your opinion on crowd funding? A lot of indie directors are for it today and as we speak there are a mass amount of projects receiving fan funding to get made. I know there are other directors who want to do what they want on their own time, their own way with no say from anyone whatsoever even if it takes longer.

  - I think it can be a great tool for getting movies made that can't find investors. I did it once and it was one of the most stressful things I have dealt with during all the years I have been making movies. I just did not enjoy the situation it created for me. I doubt I will ever crowdfund again. I'll find other ways to get our movies made.

What has been your most sought after film you've made in terms of sales/interest?

  - For my companies distribution it has been 'Fetus'. That is our best seller. And it has been picked up in Japan and has full European distribution. Over all though it has been 'Bone Sickness'. That movie went everywhere! Officially released in three countries. Made it into retail stores and multiple video rental chain stores before those places disappeared. It's even listed on Turner Classic Movies!

Does your upcoming project Septic prove to be your sickest and goriest entry in film yet?

  - Septic is by far the sickest movie I've made and is extremely gory. It's also very dark and kind of an angry movie. I'll be honest and say the last three years of my personal life have not been the greatest and Septic definitely reflects that.

Finally, fans are anxious but patient with 'Morbid Tales', explain some of the many setbacks you've faced in finishing it and releasing it.

  - It is just getting more and more difficult to self distribute and create these dvds ourselves. Even though the dvd industry is slowly dying, the replicating companies haven't made it any easier to order professionally pressed dvds. And like I said earlier, on a personal level it has been tough behind the scenes. But we have been in talks with Blacklava in Austria and we are working it out. Morbid Tales will eventually see the light of day.

Thank you Brian for your time and keep doing what you do. Your rabid fans including myself will be salivating upon the release of Septic and hope to see you carry the torch of gore far in the distant future!

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