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onsdag 4 april 2018

BLACK SUN (1996)

Directed by: Boyd Rice
Written by: Boyd Rice
Stars: -None-

Country: USA
Style: Arthouse | Short
Runtime: 10 min

I like to consider myself worldly and cultured. I appreciate art in all of its forms. I especially appreciate “outsider art” and unconventional mediums. I love when art is controversial, even confrontational. I love when artists try to pull emotion from people. I love art.

Boyd Rice has been making transgressive art for decades. His work is never something that you can just appreciate, it’s always an experience that sort of makes you wonder what the fuck is going on and why it’s going on.

This was really difficult to review as a film, it wasn’t one. It was art with film as the medium. So. I’m more torn about this one than I expected to be.

It's literally nine minutes of swastikas flickering on the screen. I’m assuming it’s just bits of film woven and spliced together and set to noise. It doesn’t change at all or go anywhere. It just is what it is.

What has me so torn is that I feel like if It were a minute long it would be too short, but at nine minutes it’s kind of too long. The longer it goes the more intense it feels and the more it effects you, though. Or that’s what happened to me at least. I don’t know. I definitely felt like I was going to have an Electric Soldier Porygon style epileptic seizure halfway through. This shit is intense. Almost brutal to look at for more than a few seconds at a time. It really does something to your brain. I feel like those kids on Doctor Phil who strangle each other to get high.

I don’t know what my life is now after watching that. I feel like I should hate it. But I don’t. Definitely fuck Boyd Rice for this one though.

That's my review of nine minutes of swastikas and noise. Do I think you should watch this? Yes. Why? I don’t know. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to experience the film, but it’s definitely an experience more than a movie.

I’m going to take a moment to state that I know that anything involving swastikas is grounds to make your friends not want to be your friend anymore. Even watching a twenty year old short film by Boyd Rice. I know that this short film isn’t meant to be political, but it is a piece of art that exists. No one should ever tell you what kind of art you’re allowed to appreciate and how you should feel about things. Art is meant to make you emotional. It can bring out any kind of emotion and you’re allowed to feel those emotions. Whether they are happiness, anger, sadness, feelings of discomfort, confusion, whatever. That’s the point. That is art.

If anyone makes you feel bad for exploring art, they’re not worth associating with. You should sever ties immediately, anyone who doesn’t understand that art isn’t something that fits into a box is bottom of the barrel anyway.

That all being said, just because something is transgressive or extreme or makes you feel something, doesn’t mean it has value or is “good” art. As a fan of art, you’ll be happier not having to feel bad about offending the closed minded people in your life whenever you want to discuss your interests openly.


Produced by: Boyd Rice
Cinematography by: Boyd Rice
Editing by: Boyd Rice
Special Effects by: Boyd Rice
Music by: Boyd Rice
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Predatory Instinct Productions


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