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fredag 6 april 2018


Directed by: Alyce Wittenstein
Written by: Alyce Wittenstein, Steve Ostringer
Stars:  Steve Ostringer, Holly Adams, Fred Wittenstein... read more

Country: USA
Style: Comedy | Sci-Fi | Short
Runtime: 30 min

This one had a cool neo noir feel to it, and much like 'No Such Thing As Gravity', was really ambitious and succeeded in being so.

It's hard to really iterate what exactly the film was about. But basically the theme here is a detective type of dude complaining about this Betaville place while he finds and then loses super babe Holly Adams to the “homo” new wave scum that happens to be taking over/ruining Betaville for everyone. I guess. I don’t know. Like I said, hard to really explain.

It had a film school feel to it that I couldn’t shake. A little bit heavy on the voice over/single shot driving around stuff. There was still a lot of really cool and interesting shots though. The whole monologue was pretty poorly delivered and bland. The main dude was this scrawny kid, and I felt like he should’ve really been an older dude for it to have made sense.

Not great, but still more well put together than a lot of its peers. Wittenstein definitely knew how to use a small budget to her advantage and make things seem a little more extravagant than they might have actually been. There’s a lot of simplicity going on here, just fluffed up with brightly colored packaging. There was a ton of cool sets and stylish costumes and characters. Super new wave, Culture Club thing going on with a lot of the characters while some contrasted that with dark colored trench coats, suits and fedoras.

In the end, this was fine. But it was a whole bunch of nothing in a shiny new wave package. Still in love with 80’s Holly Adams. It's unfair.


Produced by: Garrett Oliver, Alyce Wittenstein
Cinematography by: Richard E. Brooks
Editing by: Steven Olswang
Special Effects by: Shannon Harrington, Darrick Jaffery, Lori Pavsner
Music by: D. Lee
Language: English
Color: Black & white | Color

Distributor: Subatomic Productions


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